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Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm 1993

This is one of the very few superhero movies left that I had not yet seen before that I really felt like I was missing out on an important and/or great movie. There’s still plenty out there for me to watch, but most of the rest of them are more obscure and/or pretty bad. When I ask the question “What’s your favorite superhero movie?” this movie has come up on more than one occasion so it’s got to be a pretty good movie, and it’s more or less a spin-off of the amazing 90’s Batman: The Animated Series which I watched and loved back when it was coming out with new episodes, and I’ve also seen and enjoyed every one of DC Animation’s home video Batman movies so I was looking forward to finally watching this one and I’m pleased to say that for the most part it didn’t disappoint. My only qualms come from the fact that I did watch this one out of chronological order and so many story elements that were used in this movie were done as well if not better in later movies that I was already familiar with. But aside from that, it was great to finally see this movie and the nostalgia from the animation and music style from the animated series.
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Chicago Lamb Meet-up Aftermath

Since I haven’t posted much content lately (I’m working on it, just been very busy with non-blog stuff, and still watching the Flash TV series with just 2 episodes left) I thought I’d write up a quick post about the Chicago Lamb Meet-Up that happened last weekend. I’m not a hugely social person, but since I had already talked to almost everyone that showed up on either their podcast, mine, or both, it felt a lot more like meeting a group of friends instead of a bunch of people I had never met before. I considered doing a podcast for Filmwhys, but didn’t really have any ideas or the equipment to make it happen. But I did appear on the two other podcasts that recorded on Sunday in Alcohollywood Studios. So make sure you check out The Lambcast where we mostly played a somewhat movie-related round of Cards Against Humanity along with a bit of a discussion afterwards. I also appeared on The Lair of the Unwanted where we also mostly just played a big Game of the Unwanted though I didn’t make as much of an appearance on that episode. And if you want to see what I actually look like, I appeared on a video over at Film Yarn where I talked about my top 5 of the year so far, which unsurprisingly feature four films that I reviewed on this site and the fifth was also featured. I also wanted to thank everyone from French Toast Sunday, Clint from Alcohollywood, Chris from After Credits, Dylan from Man, I Love Films (kinda), Vern from Vern’s Video Vortex, Nick from Your Face!, Lackey from The Nightmare Gallery, and a couple I missed on Saturday, Dan from Public Transportation Snob, and Steve from 1001 Plus. Next week should have some more posts again including an animated Batman movie I should have watched a while ago, a classic superhero movie, my thoughts on the Flash series, and finally the final 100 Essential Superhero Movie list. Until next time, this has been Bubbawheat for Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights.

Filmwhys Extra #12 Anime Superheroes

First off, I’d like to apologize for the recent lack of content. Been busy lately, and aside from being busy I’ve been watching the 1990’s Flash TV show which takes up a lot more viewing time than a movie to do a single post but I should have that one done sometime next week. I’ve also lost the motherboard on my main computer so that’s slowed me down a bit as I’m now working with my laptop hooked up to my main monitor. Anyway, I’ve got another episode of Filmwhys Extra for you here! Episode 12 of Filmwhys Extra where my guests are Jenn from and Stephen from Silver Emulsion and we spend some time talking about anime and how it compares to western ideas of superheroes, how they’re connected, how they’re influenced, how they influence, and whatever else we decide to talk about.
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Superhero Shorts: What if Ingmar Bergman Directed the Flash?

Welcome to another edition of Superhero Shorts where I take a look at a superhero themed short film and ask a few questions of the creator. This time around I have Patrick Willems who has been making YouTube shorts for quite a while now, including many superhero themed videos like the one that recently spread across the internet and caught my attention. While many sites don’t mention it, this is actually part of an ongoing series taking a look at what a superhero film might look like if it was directed by a well known director who is unlikely to ever attempt a superhero film for various reasons. This time around he wondered What if Ingmar Bergman Directed the Flash? As usual, you can watch below or you can visit Patrick’s YouTube channel where you can see all of his videos, including the series that this video is a part of, Comic Book Movies That Will Never Happen.
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Filmwhys #32: The Big Lebowski and Flash Gordon

Episode 32 of the Why Haven’t You Seen This Film Podcast where my guest is Nolahn as the last member of Your Face! to be a guest on this show and he asks me why I haven’t seen The Big Lebowski, the classic slacker/bowler/stoner comedy from the Coen Brothers starring the Dude. And in return, I ask him why he hasn’t seen Flash Gordon, the campy sci-fi movie starring the music from Queen and star quarterback from the New York Jets Flash Gordon which was recently referenced heavily in Seth MacFarlane’s Ted.
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Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow 2014

It may come as no surprise to you that I am a fan of sci-fi movies. Yes, technically most superhero movies can also be lumped into the catch-all science fiction category as the very idea of a person with superhuman abilities whether alien, mutation, or technological is in its very essence science fiction. But I am just as much a fan of the general aliens & technology versions of sci-fi that I don’t nearly as often get to cover on this site. In fact, I didn’t catch any of the sci-fi movies that came out last year even though many were considered to be bad-to-mediocre. But I had heard a lot of great things about Edge of Tomorrow, and I am also a huge fan of the concept of a time loop, so much so that I even wrote a player-created mission for the now defunct City of Heroes MMO based around the time loop concept. And since this was based on an illustrated novel which was also adapted into a manga both under the title All You Need is Kill I thought it was a perfect excuse to actually watch it, albeit quite a bit later than most who actually gave it a chance. And you know what? Everyone was right about this movie. It takes the concept of the time loop and really gets the chance to explore things in a way that it hasn’t exactly been done before, while still covering all the usual bases in an entertaining fashion. It’s an excellent movie and it’s a shame that it didn’t translate as well into box office dollars.
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Filmwhys Extra #11 Superheroes and Our Kids

Episode #11 of Filmwhys Extra where my guest is Julz Hendricks who contributes to many sites including Bleeding Cool, Chickcast, but you can probably best find her on Twitter. Both of us have young children who love superheroes and love to watch them on TV and in movies. But this is a world full of PG-13 superhero movies that often have more death and violence than R-rated movies with only the blood removed. She has a 3 year old and a 9 year old while I have a 7 year old and we discuss what they enjoy and how we decide what’s appropriate for them to watch.
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100 Essential Superhero Movies – Indie Comics

I decided that I wanted to make a list of 100 superhero movies that I thought were the essentials, the ones that everyone needs to see at one point in time if they want to be a fully fledged superhero movie afficionado, and while I am having guest bloggers this month help me fill out the list, there are many much more obvious choices that were easy to make and I’m here to share some of those with you. I’ve made a few different lists from Marvel and DC comics, but those aren’t the only two companies out there that make superhero comics, and now it’s finally time to take a look at some of the other superhero movies that come from comics outside of the big two.
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100 Essential Superhero Movies – You Decide! Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Part of finishing off this list of 100 essential superhero movies is bringing in my audience, and so when I got down to the last 20 movies, I decided that I would let you decide. And what better way than to reach out to other movie critics and reviewers to let them argue the case for a superhero movie that they are a fan of and at the bottom of the post, there is a poll where you can vote whether or not you agree if it should be included in the 100 Essential Superhero Movies list. Today my guest is T from The Focused Filmographer who is arguing for the made for TV movie starring David Hasselhoff as the one and only Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. which makes the movie poster’s tagline “The Last Superhero” appropriate as this time, it really is the last of these polls.
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100 Essential Superhero Movies – You Decide! The Rest!

I’ve been going through this list of superhero movies and bringing in the audience, but there’s just too many superhero movies out there to defend one at a time so now it’s time to take a look at the rest of them, or at least most of the rest and I have a giant poll right below for you to make the final decision on the last movies to make the list. You can vote for as many movies as you’d like as long as you think they deserve to be included in the 100 Essential Superhero movies. If there’s one that’s not on the list, check the main project page as it may be an individual poll or already be included. Otherwise, leave a comment below letting me know what you think should be added. Tomorrow the final list of Indie comic superhero movies will be posted and I will reveal which movies make the final cut on July 9th. Until next time, this has been Bubbawheat for Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights.


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