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Abar: The First Black Superman

Abar: The First Black Superman 1977

The first year of running this site, I wanted to do something for Black History Month and so I covered all of the Black superhero movies that I could find, and there weren’t very many. After running this site for a couple more years, I have gotten a large enough list that there are a couple more obscure Black superhero movies that I can still cover. Unfortunately I hit a snag when I couldn’t find a ready copy of Up, Up, and Away, a Disney Channel original movie. But I was able to find one for this film, Abar: The First Black Superman. I didn’t know a whole lot about this film aside from the fact that it was a low budget, blaxploitation flick that had very little with the traditional Superman. It was a lot more preachy than I expected, and the superpowered elements of the story don’t show up until the last thirty minutes. But those thirty minutes made the movie worth it through its complete incredulity.
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Filmwhys #48 Bad Boys and Whiteout

Episode 48 of the Why Haven’t You Seen This Film Podcast where my guest is DJ Valentine from Simplistic Reviews who asks me why I haven’t seen Bad Boys, one of the few great films from Michael Bay that really makes good use of the explosions and the buddy cop formula to help in Will Smith’s rise to stardom. And in return, I ask him why he hasn’t seen Whiteout, a 2009 under the radar thriller set in Antarctica based on a graphic novel.
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Book Nights: The Heart Does Not Grow Back

The Heart Does Not Grow Back
by Fred Venturini

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a book on here, mainly because I don’t seek out what I perceive to be a very small subgenre of fiction outside of comic books. It doesn’t help that my past experiences have been bad to mediocre, but I’m never one to turn down something for free so I accepted the offer to review another piece of superhero fiction. The brief description had me interested, it seemed like there were some horror elements and it wouldn’t be a straightforward superhero origin story. What I ended up with was a superhero story that was one of the most original takes on a superhero that I have ever seen, on screen or off. It’s got coming of age elements to it, and the main character is someone who I could relate to probably more than I should care to admit to. It also has some well written moments of tension during some horrifying and gruesome moments that feel all too real. It’s a fairly short novel, and while I expected to take a couple weeks to read through it, I managed to finish it in less than a week.
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Filmwhys Extra #23 Podcasting on Podcasts

Filmwhys Extra #23 where my guests are Diamond Dave from The Cool Story Show and Dan Lizette from The Podcast Digest and one thing they both have in common besides being podcasters is that they review podcasts. So we spend this episode discussing podcasts, podcast reviews, things we look for in shows, things we don’t like, and just podcasts in general.
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Kingsman: The Secret Service

Kingsman: The Secret Service

When I think about the latest superhero film from writer/director Matthew Vaughn, one thing that comes to mind in an odd sort of way is predictability. And the reason why I say that it comes to mind in an odd sort of way is not that the film follows an extremely stereotypical plot. Instead, it sets itself apart from several of the traditional spy movie tropes by pointing them out, and as soon as it does that it somehow becomes predictable in which ways it will then follow the spy movie trope as well as which ways it will subvert them. But what Matthew Vaughn is able to do is to craft a film that is still enjoyable regardless of whether or not you can tell what’s coming next. After Stardust, Kick-Ass, and X-Men: First Class, there are a lot of things that Vaughn knows how to do right, and they all seem to come together in Kingsman along wrapped in a James Bond style super spy wrapper.
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Graphic Horror Blogathon March 2015

It’s that time of year once again. I started this last year and I plan on continuing it again this year. Most bloggers take the month of October as the time to focus on horror movies since it’s near Halloween, but I thought that March is a good month to take a look at horror movies as well, to help spread the love of horror outside of the fall months. And besides, March is still the early part of the year which is generally the cinematic dumping grounds with a lot of poor movies in theaters. I’d love to make this a big event, and this year I’m keeping things a bit more simple so I’d love it if you would join me!
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Filmwhys #47 Boyz N the Hood and Robocop

Episode 47 of the Why Haven’t You Seen This Film Podcast where my guest is Shane Slater from Film Actually who asks me why I haven’t seen Boyz N the Hood, the breakout film from director John Singleton loosely about his life in the hood of South Central Los Angeles filled with many breakout performances from now-famous black actors. And in return, I ask him why he hasn’t seen the original Robocop from director Paul Verhoeven which was the ultra-violent 80’s action film with a satirical undercurrent and stellar practical special effects.
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The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water 2015

Next up on the kids movies agenda is the second foray into the theatrical realm for a certain animated sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea. Similar to last year’s Birdman (and this is one of the only places that will ever compare those two movies) it is a stretch to call this a “superhero movie” as the aquatic tee-am mates only take on their superhero roles for about ten minutes out of the entire movie. I can’t say that I’m a regular watcher of the Spongebob cartoon and haven’t actually watched it in years, but I am a sucker for the psychadelic, pun-filled, non-sequitur show. What other show is going to have a reference to the creepy twins in the Shining during a trip inside Spongebob’s cotton candy and rainbow filled brain? Underneath the trippy animation and occasional bathroom humor lies a smartly written tale featuring a Greek Chorus of seagulls, Antonio Banderas hamming it up as Burger Beard, Bikini Bottom turning into a Mad Max-like post apocalyptic wasteland, a supreme being dolphin named Bubbles, and plenty of laughs throughout.
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Lego Justice League vs. Bizarro League

Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro League 2015

Starting my unintentional batch of superhero movies intended for younger audiences with the latest home video Lego movie release. There’s been a small handful of these Lego home video releases, though many of them are extremely short. Even this one clocks in at just under an hour. If you’re familiar with the Lego brand of entertainment outside of just the Lego movie then you know that it is generally filled with a large number of rapid fire gags and jokes and Bizarro League is no different. It is a bit of a misnomer though, as the entire “vs” aspect of the movie is over within just a few minutes and instead the two groups spend most of their time working together to fight Darkseid. It’s by no means a great film that you should go seek out immediately, but if you have kids of your own, this is a great way to spend an hour together and I bet you will spend quite a bit of it laughing your minifig head off. There’s even a bit of a message buried under all the laughs.
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Filmwhys Extra #22 Le Fear 2 Interview

Episode 22 of Filmwhys Extra where I had the opportunity to talk with writer, director, and actor Jason Croot about his latest film Le Fear II: Le Sequel about a director who is trying to make a horror movie but the only thing horrific are his cast and crew. For more information, you can visit the film’s IMDB page or follow the film on Twitter.
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