Editorial: Top 10 Characters The MCU Needs

Some would argue that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has already become a little bit over-extended, and they’d certainly have a point. This whole massive project is getting somewhat stretched out, and if a report from Screenrant is true that as many as 67 characters may be featured in Avengers: Infinity War, they’re not roping in the expansion any time soon! No matter how you feel about the scope of the MCU, however, the characters themselves are always fun to see, particularly for comic book fans curious about further cinematic adaptation.

More importantly, it’s pretty clear that nothing is going to stop Marvel unless the films suddenly stop making money. So because we pretty much know this will go on for a while, here are 10 prominent characters who should be brought into the MCU.



I’m cheating a little bit here given that Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is one of the most prolific Marvel characters in cinema already. But with the X-Men and Wolverine movies belonging to 20th Century Fox, and not Marvel Studios, he’s been absent from the MCU. Licensing obstacles are tricky, but judging by an interview at Geek, Jackman is intrigued by the idea of Wolverine getting in on the greater Marvel action.


Nova is one of the more popular suggestions, in part because he’s a major characters who hasn’t been on the big screen yet, but also because of his attachment to the Guardians of the Galaxy. For both reasons he’s arguably the likeliest on this list to make it into the MCU.

Beta Ray Bill

Beta Ray Bill is one of the craziest Marvel heroes out there. He’s basically a horse/alien hybrid who receives a replica of Thor’s hammer from Odin himself and uses it to roam around protecting the universe. If you ask me, that sounds like just the right amount of ridiculousness for the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok to rope into the MCU. Also, with the expectation that a chunk of Asgard will fall in Ragnarok, Thor may need some new alien allies.


There are off-and-on rumors of a Blade revival, fueled by Wesley Snipes’ own desire to get back into character for the MCU. Additionally, the Blade character has remained popular among the Marvel faithful, and he’s featured prominently among the jackpots at Betfair alongside characters who all have modern films or TV shows. The other themed games feature the likes of Iron Man (and both film sequels), Daredevil, Spider-Man, Captain America, the X-Men, and more, so Blade’s placement is a bit curious. Plus, the sword-wielding vampire killer would add a needed touch of darkness to the MCU films.

The Punisher

Like Blade, the Punisher has been in some older, pre-MCU superhero films, and he remains a favorite for a lot of fans. Known for brutal, over-the-top violence, he’d be a bold character for the MCU to consider. With things getting a little more serious across the board, however, it may be a good time for the Punisher to resurface. We do actually know already that Jon Bernthal will be playing the role in a new Netflix show, but inclusion in the film series would be ideal.

Ms. Marvel

The Marvel Heroes game is arguably the most gender-neutral aspect of all Marvel entertainment in that almost as many female heroes as male are included. Even so, there’s very little attention paid to Ms. Marvel, who seems like the perfect addition to the MCU. That’s because she’s basically a Marvel fan girl who becomes a superhero, and such a character fits nicely in a world where the public is increasingly aware of heroes.

Green Goblin

Hardcore Spider-Man comic fans may disagree, but there’s really no debating that, at least in film, Green Goblin has become the primary Spidey villain. The Goblin is even singled out in the aforementioned Spider-Man casino game alongside a lineup of cinematic characters. But perhaps most interestingly, Norman Osborne is a brilliant foil to Tony Stark. Given that we know Stark will be taking Peter Parker under his wing in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, some Osborne activity in the next standalone Spider-Man movie would be perfect.


The Hulk has been the best surprise of the MCU thus far, stealing every one of his scenes in the Avengers films. The creative teams at Marvel have pretty much squashed the idea of another Hulk solo film, so why not expand his character arc a bit by roping in the She-Hulk in collaborative movies?


The cast for Doctor Strange (which comes out later this year) has only been partially clarified, with some roles left to question. Agamotto, who’s the mystical, god-like adviser to Strange, isn’t currently listed, but he’d be an interesting inclusion if they really want to play up the magic of the character. Mads Mikkelsen is the biggest name in the cast who hasn’t been assigned to a character yet, though there aren’t many rumors of his playing Agamotto out there.

Adam Warlock

Finally there’s Adam Warlock. Debate rages on about whether or not we saw him in a cocoon in the collector’s den in Guardians Of The Galaxy, but either way Warlock seems like a necessary addition down the line. He’s one of the only Avengers with the power to take on Thanos, and we may as well get Warlock at some point considering we know that showdown is coming.

Thinking through this list, you realize just how many characters there are who still haven’t been touched on in the movies. There were definitely a few others I’d have loved to include, but then the whole point of a list like this is fun discussion! Let us know what other heroes and villains you think the MCU should be looking into.


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  1. It would be awesome to see Ghost Rider come to the MCU. I know the last two attempts were pretty bad, but let’s learn from the mistakes of the past.

  2. I’ve been hoping and praying for them to add She-Hulk into the mix! The MCU needs a bit of female muscle asap … and probably a lawyer at some point lol A She-Hulk solo film could totally go down the legal drama route (while keeping her quick wit). Fingers crossed it happens soon.

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