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41 Ant Se

Episode 41: Dil Se… and Antboy with Mette Kowalski from French Toast Sunday.

42 Rashomon Guyver

Episode 42: Rashomon and the Guyver with Will from Silver Emulsion.

43 Kiss Kiss Elf Man

Episode 43: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Elf-Man with Nick Jobe from Your Face!

44 All About Catwoman

Episode 44: All About Eve and Batman Returns with Max Covill from Impassioned Cinema.

45 Timecopinator

Episode 45: The Terminator and Timecop with David Brook from Blueprint: Review

46 Flashpoint Prestige

Episode 46: The Prestige and Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox with Shah Shahid from Blank Page Beatdown

47 Robocopz N the Hood

Episode 47: Boyz ‘N the Hood and Robocop with Shane Slater from Film Actually.

48 White Boys

Episode 48: Bad Boys and Whiteout with DJ Valentine from Simplistic Reviews

49 American Punisher in London

Episode 49: An American Werewolf in London and Punisher: War Zone with Dean from The Science-Fiction Film Podcast.

50 Psycho Spirit

Episode 50: Psycho and the Spirit with Ryan McNeil from The Matinee

51 Silence of the Hulk

Episode 51: The Silence of the Lambs and the Death of the Incredible Hulk with David Babbitt from 24 Panels Per Second.

52 Primer Punisher

Episode 52: Primer and the Punisher (1989) with Jason Soto from Your Face!.

53 This is Strange

Episode 53: This is Spinal Tap and Doctor Strange with Austin Shinn from A Flickering Life.

54 Surviving TMNT

Episode 54: Surviving Desire and TMNT with Alia Miller from Super Zero!

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