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Guest blogger: Is Spock a Superhero?

Welcome to the first guest post here at Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights. When I started this site, it was my idea to have it be a personal challenge to seek out, watch, and review superhero movies. And my overall goal was, and still is, to watch and review every superhero movie ever made. But this site has been growing and expanding as I keep getting new ideas and inspirations. I’m now on a daily schedule, and to help me meet that schedule, I could use a little bit of help. The first person that stepped in was Alan from The Great Movie Project. If you’d like to participate too, I’m accepting any “almost super” movie reviews for sci-fi/fantasy movies that aren’t quite superhero movies, but still have that heroic/comic book quality to them. I’m also accepting “second opinion” reviews, if you have a different viewpoint on a superhero movie that I’ve already reviewed. And finally, I’m accepting blog style articles like this one that takes a more general look at the superhero genre without being about one single movie. Today, Alan is looking at how Star Trek, and more specifically Spock relates to superheroes in cinema. And I’ll be back tomorrow (hopefully) finishing up my bad movie mini-marathon with Superhero Movie.

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