This Week in Superhero TV 11/16 – 11/21

Welcome back to another full week of superheroes and comic books on TV. Surprisingly the weakest episode of the bunch for my purposes was the Flash which has been my favorite this season. Still, quite a bit to talk about in all the shows that I’ve been watching, and once again I’m happy to have Rachel Thuro share her thoughts on this week’s The Walking Dead. I’d love to hear your thoughts on one or all of this week’s shows as well so don’t forget to leave a comment!
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The Guyver

The Guyver 1991

I was always a relatively big fan of anime. I watched a lot of the anime films shown on cable in the 90′s as well as the cartoons and shows inspired by anime and Japanese shows. This movie reminded me a lot of those types of kids shows with a mix of Ultraman, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Sailor Moon, and whatever else got in the mix. It also has a couple icons of TV and cinema, albeit for completely different reasons, as well as a small stable of horror regulars from both behind the camera and in front. The one thing this movie does well is a large number of creature effects including a small handful of amazing transformation. On the other hand, even though there are a few noted actors, there are plenty of amateurs and it definitely shows. There’s not a Troll 2 or the Room level of bad acting, but no one is winning any awards for their delivery here. There’s an overly complicated setup that makes very little sense when you get right down to it, and yet the whole thing is more or less supposed to be a comedy. While it did make me laugh out loud a small handful of times, it was often for the wrong reasons.
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Filmwhys #41 Dil Se.. and Antboy

Episode 41 of the Why Haven’t You Seen This Film Podcast where my guest is Mette Kowalski from the Across The Universe Podcast who asks me why I haven’t seen Dil Se.., her favorite film of all time and the very first Bollywood film that I’ve ever seen. And in return, I ask her why she hasn’t seen Antboy, the first and only Danish superhero film.
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The Chair Interview at my 2nd Home, Talking Horror

I wanted to take a quick moment to shout out my second home on the internet. While I love watching and writing about superhero and comic book movies and TV shows here, it’s nice to stretch my legs a little bit and delve into other genres. So when Tyson Carter put a call for help to make a new horror site, I thought it was high time I spread my wings a little bit. Over there, I will mainly be writing articles on horror Kickstarter projects and the like, seeing what’s interesting, what’s worth your money, and what might not have a bat’s chance in hell of getting funded. And once in a while I might toss out a horror movie review or two as well. So make sure you follow the new site Talking Horror. But not only that, I also have my first article over there that I’d like to share. I got the chance to talk to a recently successful Kickstarter project for a horror movie based on a graphic novel called the Chair. So check out my interview with Peter Simeti and leave a comment, why don’t you! Until next time, this has been Bubbawheat for Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights.

This Week in Superhero TV 11/9 – 11/14

Welcome back to another week’s worth of superhero and comic book television. By the way, while I don’t personally have time to add Arrow to my own TV watching, I’d like to have it covered here. If you’re interested in writing a paragraph a week sharing your own thoughts on Arrow, let me know. Once again, I’m pleased to have Rachel Thuro share her thoughts on this week’s Walking Dead.
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Elektra 2005

After the moderate success of Daredevil, Fox decided that instead of going ahead with a sequel they would instead make a spin-off movie based on what they thought was the most successful part of Daredevil, Jennifer Garner’s Elektra. Here, she is a full-on assassin who ends up caring about her next targets and decides to save them from the evil clan of ninjas called the Hand, she eventually battles against a group of supernaturally powered ninjas while protecting the treasure, which is similar in nature to the key from Buffy. And while Daredevil is considered a bad to ok movie with an ok to good director’s cut, Elektra is pretty much considered on of the many bad movies with a female superhero as the lead and performed dismally at the box office. I vaguely remember watching this in theaters when it came out because I was (and still am) a fan of the Daredevil movie and enjoyed it at the time. However there is probably a reason why I waited so long to revisit this movie as it did not hold up to my memory at all. I am now in agreement that this is a pretty awful movie with a small handful of redeeming qualities to it. I’m also not sure if an R-rated director’s cut could help redeem it in the same way that Daredevil’s did, nor do I think anyone is really clamoring for one.
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Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 2014

Even though this was the last big superhero movie of 2014 that I had been looking forward to, the biggest reason why I wanted to see this movie in theaters is because of my daughter Jena and her 8th birthday this Saturday, November 8th. So that was the mindset I was in when I made it to the theaters to watch this latest Disney animated movie. In fact, I realized that even though I’ve had a pretty poor theatrical track record for the past several years, I had seen every Disney Animated movie in theaters since Wreck-it Ralph a couple years ago. There has become a finer line between the Disney animation studios, as the quality and subject matter between Disney Pixar, Walt Disney Animation Studios, and to a lesser extent the DisneyToon Studios with the likes of Wreck-it Ralph and Frozen being as good or better than Monsters University or Brave. So I was hopeful that the trend would continue with the first animated collaboration between Marvel and Disney. I have seen most of Marvel’s previous animated works and they were nothing special, and even though this movie doesn’t have any connection with the live action Marvel Cinematic Universe, I was still very excited to see it based on the trailers. I was hoping for a lot of laughs, a lot of action, and I had already heard that it had a lot of heart, and that’s exactly what I got from it. It’s true that it was fairly predictable even when it was trying to throw some twists out there, but it was still done well enough that I didn’t much care and just enjoyed the ride. Not only that, but Jena was there and completely on board for the whole ride as well. And as always here, I will be discussing the movie as a whole including any plot twists and reveals, so spoilers have been warned.
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Editorial: Will Japanese Casinos Carry Superhero-themed Slot Machines?

Will Japanese Casinos Carry Superhero-themed Slot Machines?

Today, talks about opening the first casino in Japan are happening. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe hopes that the first casino would open in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in order to capitalize on the influx of tourists that will attend the event. If the bill for opening casinos in Japan becomes a law, what kind of slot machines will the country have?
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Filmwhys Extra #18 The Scribbler Interview with John Suits

Filmwhys Extra episode 18 where I got the chance to talk to John Suits, the director of the recent comic book adaptation of the psychological thriller/mystery/superhero movie the Scribbler. We discuss the origins of the movie, some of the visual style, and plenty of other things so be sure to check out the movie on VOD now.
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This Week in Superhero TV 11/2 – 11/7

Welcome back to yet another week of Superhero and comic book television. And since it’s a short week with no Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or Flash, this week I have someone to help me fill in one of a couple gaps I have in my viewing schedule as there are only so many hours a day, I’m barely keeping up with the four shows I watch already, I’m not interested in catching up two or more seasons, nor am I interested in jumping into the middle of a show. So I’ve got Rachel Thuro helping me out with her thoughts on the Walking Dead. Rachel has a long and storied blogging past which I won’t get into right now, but currently is a co-host of the great Reel Insight Podcast where she and Jess take a look at both the highest grossing movie and Academy Award Best Picture winner for a specific year which is occasionally both the same movie.
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