Filmwhys Podcast

The Origin

Welcome to the Filmwhys homepage of sorts, where you can find more information about the podcast and links to current and past episodes. I started this podcast because as I became more involved in the film blogging community, I wanted an excuse to watch and talk about movies that didn’t fit the narrow focus of this site without changing the core of what Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights is about. On top of that, I realized that I’ve missed out on many movies in the past 30 years that are considered by movie fans as films that you have to see if you want to call yourself a film fan, and of course my film knowledge extending earlier than 30 years is extremely sparse. At the same time, I wanted to start another podcast. I had been involved in another podcast before, but it wasn’t the right fit for my personality. I wanted to tie this new podcast into the theme of my site, but I also wanted to use it as an excuse to branch out into other categories of film so I came upon the idea of having a single guest come on and recommend a movie for me to see that I have never seen before, and to keep the superhero and comic book theme present I also wanted to return the favor and recommend a superhero or comic book movie to them that they hadn’t seen before. I also love acronyms and eventually came up with Film W.H.Y.S. where the W.H.Y.S. stands for “Why Haven’t You Seen _____?” or just “Filmwhys” which rolls off the tongue a bit easier and to my amazement wasn’t used by any other film podcast or site. Finally, after doing regular episodes for a few months I had the opportunity to interview a filmmaker about their film and I also wanted to have the opportunity to have short discussions about other film topics so besides the regular episodes of Filmwhys I also now have episodes called Filmwhys Extra which will pop up in between regular episodes, are usually shorter, and can be about almost anything as long as it has to do with film or superheroes. I also have a series called Filmwhys Spotlight that reaches out to fans of lesser known and/or generally unliked superhero and comic book films and finds out what they love about the movie along with some background information on the production and clips from the movie.

What movies haven’t I seen?

I’m glad you asked that question. Before I started this podcast, I hadn’t seen films like Jaws, Pulp Fiction, Psycho, Fargo, and many more. I made an account over at Letterboxd where I’ve accounted for (to the best of my memory) all the movies that I’ve ever seen, and I also went through and created a watchlist full of classics, modern classics, and genre films that I’ve heard are great films that I should see and want to see and would love to talk about with someone who loves them.

How can I be a guest?

I’m always looking for new guests to come on the show! You don’t have to be a film blogger, you just have to have a love of film. Of course, it helps a lot if I’m familiar with you in some way, via Twitter, your own website, or if you’re a filmmaker yourself. Just send me an e-mail at and let me know that you’re interested in being a guest on the show, we can work out the details from there. You can also check out my Filmwhys most wanted list which includes 40 superhero and comic book movies that I haven’t covered already for you and I think are worth discussing for one reason or another. Anything is fair game as long as you’ve never seen it before, and it hasn’t yet been covered on the podcast before.

If you’re not up for discussing two movies, or if you are a filmmaker yourself I also have a show-between-the-shows Filmwhys Extra where I have done interviews about superhero and non-superhero cinema and also have discussion topics about film with one or more guests in a roundtable discussion.

Where are new episodes posted?

New episodes are posted here on this site, generally weekly alternating between regular episodes where I discuss two films with one guest and Filmwhys Extra where it might be a roundtable discussion on some film-related topic, or a filmmaker interview, or something else entirely. You can also visit the Filmwhys PodOmatic page where you can listen to the most recent episodes, you can also subscribe via RSS or through iTunes or Stitcher.

Where are the older episodes

As I’m on a budget, I have limited storage through PodOmatic, and once the new episodes are rolled off of the feed you can find them on the archive page where you can download or listen to the older episodes through my storage. Or, you can just scroll through the page to see the posters that I personally create for each and every episode mashing up the two movies discussed on the episode with varying degrees of success.

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