Superhero Shorts

Not all superheroes come from Hollywood. The unsung heroes are the fan-films and the short films. Often made for little to no money, and rarely is there a short film that makes money. For the fan films, licensed heroes are used without permission, and even original films rarely have the opportunity to make money outside of YouTube. But once in a while, they bring out something special. This is where I feature those fan-films and short films and get some insight into the creators of these superhero shorts, and the occasional full length film. And if you happen to be a creator or someone involved in a fan-film and would like it to be featured along with an interview, please contact me at


Why fan films are important.

My top 5 Superhero Shorts from my first year of interviews.

A brief history of fan films and why they are sometimes taken down for copyright infringement.

The interviews listed on this page are sorted by the date they appeared on this site, oldest to most recent.

Babble-On Begins

A talk with Christopher Downie and his Green Hornet inspired re-imagining of the creation of the comedy podcast Hollywood Babble-On with Ralph Garman and Kevin Smith.
tags: Green Hornet, Comedy, Kevin Smith, Language, 2012

Wolverine’s Claws Suck

A talk with Lou from the YouTube channel GregANDlou and their improv inspired take on what would really happen if someone got Wolverine’s Claws… without his healing ability.
tags: Wolverine, Marvel, Comedy, Violence, 2009

Batman: Dead End

A talk with Sandy Collora from one of the more famous Batman fan-films where he takes on one familiar foe and a couple new ones.
tags: Batman, DC, Drama, Joker, 2003

Super Powers

A talk with Chris of the YouTube channel TheMrMenagerie and his series of shorts where he gains a new superpower each month, though he doesn’t use it to fight any evil.
tags: Various, Comedy, Webseries, 2012

City of Heroes: Incarnate

A talk with Samuraiko and her machinima video for the MMO City of Heroes.
tags: City of Heroes, Drama, 2008

Batman’s Night Out

A talk with Sean Ward and his video with Toronto Batman and his interactions with the general public of Toronto.
tags: Batman, DC, Comedy, 2012

Dark Knight by the Hillywood Show

A talk with the Hillywood Show about their Dark Knight inspired music video featuring music by Lady Gaga.
tags: Batman, Joker, DC, Music Video, 2009

Blinky Productions

A talk with Chris Notarile and a couple of his videos including a Punisher video and an older hero past his prime named the Protector.
tags: Punisher, Marvel, Drama, Violence, 2006

Shamelessly She-Hulk

A talk with Garrett Gilchrist and his unfinished feature length movie about the story behind She-Hulk.
tags: She-Hulk, Marvel, Comedy, Drama

Uncanny X-Men

A talk with Eric Green and his Uncanny X-Men series based around the Phoenix Saga.
tags: X-Men, Marvel, Drama, Webseries, 2012-Present

How it Should Have Ended

A talk with Tina Alexander and her How it Should Have Ended cartoon parody shorts she makes with animator Daniel Baxter.
tags: Various, Comedy, animation, Webseries, 2005-Present

City of Heroes: Infinite Dark

A talk with Todd Cowden aka 8 Baller and his award winning City of Heroes 8 Baller movie trailer.
tags: City of Heroes, Drama, 2008

Superman Classic

A talk with Robb Pratt and his independent and hand drawn animated short Superman Classic.
tags: Superman, DC, animation, Drama, 2011

Deadpool: A Typical Tuesday

A talk with Trevor Garner and Keith Brooks and their short film featuring the merc with a mouth, Deadpool. And kittens. Ok, maybe not kittens.
tags: Deadpool, Marvel, Comedy, Violence, 2012

Spider-Man: Eclipse

A talk with Al White and his short film featuring the darker side of Spider-Man, Spider-Man: Eclipse.
tags: Spider-Man, Marvel, Drama, Violence, 2012

Gremlins 3 Warm Up

A talk with Sacha Feiner and his impressive DVD-style take on the famous “film break” sequence of Gremlins 2.
tags: Gremlins, Batman, DC, 2008


A talk with Junaid Chundrigar and his animated short featuring several members of the Avengers and other Marvel characters on a bad day, in a very Robot Chicken style quick-clip segments.
tags: Various, Marvel, Comedy, animation, 2012

Death of Spider-Man: Motion Comic

A talk with Andrew Bates and Drew Lawson who gave life to the Ultimate Spider-Man comics where Peter Parker dies in their Death of Spider-Man motion comic.
tags: Spider-Man, Marvel, Drama, animation, 2011

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Game

A talk with Doctor Octoroc and his 8-bit style animated adaptation of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.
tags: Dr. Horrible, Comedy, Drama, animation, 2010

Punisher: Dirty Laundry

A talk with Thomas Jane and his independently made short film reprising his role as the Punisher, only this time on his own terms and how he was meant to be portrayed.
tags: Punisher, Frank Castle, Marvel, Drama, Violence, 2012


A talk with Anders Wotzke and his fun Batman parody where all the characters are replaced by pun-filled appliances.
tags: Batman, DC, Comedy, 2012

Captain Planet Trailer

A talk with Noah Baron, Matt Kohler, and Robert Santiago, three actor-turned-producers and their trailer for a more serious live action take on Captain Planet, catching up with the kids ten years later.
tags: Captain Planet, Drama, Marvel, 2012

Batman: Puppetmaster

A talk with Chris Wiltz, writer for an impressive Nolan style version of the Riddler, as well as a few other notable villains.
tags: Batman, DC, Drama, 2012

One on One

A talk with Jake Thomas and his more down to Earth look at the Man of Steel as Clark Kent interviews a Metropolis teenage runaway.
tags: Superman, Clark Kent, DC, Drama, 2012

Arkham Rising

A talk with director Tito Guillen and his teaser at what could have been if Christopher Nolan had shown what was going on in Arkham Asylum when Bane controlled the city.
tags: Batman, DC, Drama, 2012

Green Goblin’s Last Stand

A talk with Dan Pool in one of the older fan film I’ve featured on this site with his homegrown adaptation of a great Spider-Man story.
tags: Spider-Man, Green Goblin, Marvel, Drama, 1992

A Hero Story

A talk with Kaylon Hunt and his original superhero as he takes on a new villain and an old relationship.
tags: Drama, Comedy, Original, 2012


A talk with Stephen Henning and his original supervillain set on destroying part of England with only a nameless superhero to stop her.
tags: Drama, Original, 2011

A New Mutant

A talk with Eric Limarenko and several of his students and their class project film adaptation of an issue of the X-Men where a mutant comes into his powers in an unexpected way.
tags: Drama, Wolverine, Marvel, 2012

Who Is Miles Morales

A talk with Wes “Wuz Good” Anderson and his mini origin story of the brand new Spider-Man, at the time, Miles Morales.
tags: Spider-Man, Marvel, Drama, 2012

The Legacy

A talk with Mike Doto and his look at what happens when a child believes that his father is something more than he appears to be.
tags: Original, Superman, Drama, Comedy, 2010

Wonder Woman Trailer

A talk with Jesse V. Johnson and his concept trailer for a modern take on Wonder Woman.
tags: Wonder Woman, DC, Action, 2013

8-Bit Cinema: Iron Man in 60 Seconds

A talk with Norwood Cheek and David Dutton and their Mega Man inspired animation condensing Iron Man into a brief 60 seconds.
tags: Animation, Comedy, Iron Man, Marvel, 2013

Judge Minty

A talk with Steven Sterlacchini and his journey into the Dredd universe with a spotlight on a side character from Mega City, Judge Minty and his “retirement”.
tags: Judge Dredd, Action, 2013


A talk with Scott Rhodes and his costumed spy webseries Superseven with a lot of action, humor, and guns.
tags: Original, Webseries, Comedy, Action, 2011-Present

Wolverine: The Musical

A talk with Vincent Bova and his puppet musical about Wolverine, with a few other special guests.
tags: Marvel, Musical, Comedy, Wolverine, X-Men, 2013

Truth in Journalism

A talk with Adi Shankar and his Man Bites Dog inspired take on Eddie Brock and Venom.
tags: Marvel, Drama, Venom, 2013

Lazy Teenage Superheroes

A talk with Michael Ashton and his take on what realistic teenagers would probably do with their superpowers, and this was before Chronicle came along.
tags: Original, comedy, 2011

Neighborhood Watchmen

A talk with Dash Kwiatkowski and his office comedy webseries centered around a C-list superhero team in their off time.
tags: Original, Comedy, webseries, 2013

Wonder Woman

A talk with Sam Balcomb and his take on how a Wonder Woman film should look and feel.
tags: Wonder Woman, Drama, DC, 2013

Marvel Zombies: The Movie

A talk with Jim Ojala and his take on how you would bring the Marvel Zombies to life, so to speak.
tags: Marvel, Spiderman, Hulk, Captain America, Horror, 2011


A talk with Don Glut and his Spider-Man short that was filmed all the way back in 1969 and quite possibly the first Spider-Man in live action.
tags: Marvel, Spiderman, 1969

Dark Knight Legacy

A talk with Chris Landa and his take on the Red Hood and Nightwing in the aftermath of the Nolan Dark Knight trilogy which was supposed to be a pilot for a webseries that got shut down by DC.
tags: DC, Batman, Nightwing, Red Hood, 2013

Punisher: No Mercy

A talk with Jason Ambrus and Shawn Baichoo and their version of the Punisher where he faces off against some mob goons before getting into a brief battle with Elektra.
tags: violence, Punisher, Elektra, Marvel, 2013

Superman vs. Hulk

A talk with Michael Habjan and his multi-year animation project bringing to life a fight between Christopher Reeves’ Superman and the Incredible Hulk in CGI animation.
tags: animation, Hulk, Superman, Marvel, DC, 2011-2013

Casey Jones: The Movie

A talk with Polaris Banks and his gritty origin story for friend of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Casey Jones.
tags: drama, violence, TMNT, 2011

Forrest Fire Films

A talk with Forrest Whaley and his many different stop motion animated videos often featuring various superheroes.
tags: animation, Marvel, DC, Captain America, comedy, violence, 2007-current

Batman vs. the Terminator

A talk with Mitchell Hammond and his brilliant animation putting the Dark Knight into the world of Skynet.
tags: animation, DC, Batman, drama, violence, 2014


A talk with Joshua Caldwell and his film that takes a look at what happens when a superhero has had enough of saving the world and decides to retire.
tags: Superman, DC, drama, 2014

Batman: Evolution

A talk with Eric Gable and his film that brings Batman from the campy world of Adam West to the gritty world of Christopher Nolan via Black Mask.
tags: Batman, drama, action, DC, 2014

What if Ingmar Bergman Directed the Flash

A talk with Patrick Willems and his vision of what he thinks it would look like if famed director Ingmar Bergman took his hand at directing a superhero film starring the Flash.
tags: Flash, DC, comedy, 2014


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