Filmwhys Archive

Welcome to the Filmwhys archive where you can catch up on some of the older episodes that I can’t fit on my Podomatic account.

Episodes 1-20
Episodes 21-40
Episodes 41-60
Filmwhys Extra Episodes

Filmwhys 1

Episode 1: Jaws and Superman II: The Donner Cut with Fogs from Fogs’ Movie Reviews.

Filmwhys 2

Episode 2: Sunset Boulevard and the Rocketeer with Aurora from Once Upon a Screen.

Filmwhys 3

Episode 3: Pulp Fiction and Blade with Lindsay Street from French Toast Sunday.

4 Super Deerhunter

Episode 4: The Deer Hunter and Super with Stefan Gagne from Stefan Gagne’s Fiction Factory.

Filmwhys 5

Episode 5: Run Lola Run and the Punisher (2004) with Dylan Fields of Man I Love Films.

5 12 Angry Superman

Episode 6: 12 Angry Men and Superman: The Movie with Jay Cluitt of Life vs. Film

6 Rocky Red Hood

Episode 7: Rocky and Batman: Under the Red Hood with Joe Guiliano of Two Dude Review

7 toxic seven

Episode 8: Seven Samurai and The Toxic Avenger with Nick Jobe of Your Face!

9 Big Trouble in Kick Ass

Episode 9: Big Trouble in Little China and Kick Ass with Dan Heaton of Public Transportation Snob

10 Brokeback Megamind

Episode 10: Brokeback Mountain and Megamind with Joel

11 Masters of the Godfather

Episode 11: The Godfather and Masters of the Universe with Joel Burman of The Lamb

12 Planet Rope

Episode 12: Rope and Planet Hulk with Stefan Gagne of

13 Texas Superhero Massacre

Episode 13: Texas Chainsaw Massacre and All Superheroes Must Die with Jason Soto of Your Face!

14 Untouchable Chronicle

Episode 14: The Untouchables and Chronicle with Ryan McNeely of 5 Word Movie Reviews.

15 special inception

Episode 15: Inception and Special with Terrence Faulkner of The Focused Filmographer.

16 NNW Persepolis

Episode 16: North by Northwest and Persepolis with Pat McDonnell of 100 Years of Movies.

17 Dredd Candidate

Episode 17: The Manchurian Candidate and Dredd with Ryan C of Trash Film Guru.

18 Mexican Thor

Episode 18: The Mexican and Thor: The Dark World with The Vern of The Vern’s Video Vangaurd.

19 Crow gold rush

Episode 19: The Gold Rush and The Crow with Todd Leibenow of Forgotten Films

20 Pumaman Indemntiy

Episode 20: Double Idemnity and The Pumaman with Will of Exploding Helicopter.

Filmwhys Extra

Filmwhys Raw #1: “Making time for movies” with Vern from Vern’s Video Vortex.

Filmwhys Raw #2: “Theaters & Festivals around Chicago” with Jason Soto from Your Face! and Clint Worthington from Alcohollywood

Filmwhys Raw #3: Graphic novel (non-superhero) movie adaptations with Matt Kubinski from CinemaJaw.

Filmwhys Raw #4: Interview with Andrew Leckonby and John Raine about The Bad Samaritan Must Die

Filmwhys Raw #5: “Graphic Horror” with Jay Cluitt from Life vs. Film and Matt Stewart from Simplistic Reviews.

Filmwhys Raw #6: “Play Ball!” with Todd Leibenow from Forgotten Films and John LaRue from The Droid You’re Looking For.

Filmwhys Extra #7: Interview with William Katt about his movie Sparks.

Filmwhys Extra #8: Interview with Macon Blair about his movie Blue Ruin.

Filmwhys Extra #9: “Blind Spots” with Ryan McNeil from The Matinee and Steve Honeywell from 1001Plus.

Filmwhys Extra #10: “Women in Superhero Movies” with Mirella Snape from Yam Mag.

Filmwhys Extra #11: “Our Kids and Superhero Movies” with Julz Hendricks from Chickcast.


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