My real name is Nathan Withrow, but ever since my parents got AOL 3.1 and I decided that I wanted to choose a screen name/e-mail address that didn’t have a number in it I’ve gone by Bubbawheat online. It’s been over 20 years now and it’s still as original as it was back then and I’m loathe to give it up. I’ve been a big fan of comic and superhero movies all my life pretty much. I’ve enjoyed comic books, but I always preferred seeing the superhero genre on the big or small screen. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that Batman: The Animated Series has been one of my all time favorites, and that’s the era when I grew up, watching that and all the superhero cartoons that came shortly before and shortly after that series, and I enjoyed them all. I also watched and enjoyed all the live action TV shows at the time, even the bad ones like The Flash and M.A.N.T.I.S. as well as the good ones like Lois and Clark. I’m not always as critical as some people might be, I know crap when I see it, but I generally back it up with specifics rather than just calling it crap, and when I see something I like in what many people consider a bad movie I’ll be sure to point that out too. Overall, I like to be positive whenever I can, even when I’m watching a bad movie I still enjoy the experience of watching the movie and try to convey that experience in my reviews.

There’s several ways you can get a hold of me to ask me a question or if you want to just keep posted on what movies I’m watching that aren’t superhero related. Of course my favorite way to be contacted is just by leaving a comment on any page. I read them all and reply to most of them.

Anyway, the next best way to contact me is via Twitter where I’m @Bubbawheat, or you can click the little twitter icon right at the top of the page.

If you’d prefer to E-mail me directly, it’s easy enough to send it to my online name @msn.com

Categories of Posts

Movie reviews are generally categorized by decade, they are also listed in the Marvel or DC category when appropriate. I’m currently attempting to find and review every superhero and comic book related movie ever made and the more I watch, the more I realize are out there.

Filmwhys: The podcast that I started to help me branch out and share my thoughts on non-superhero movies. There’s a ton of classic and popular movies I’ve never seen before, and there are plenty of people out there that haven’t seen a lot of superhero movies. So each episode my guest chooses a movie I’ve never seen before, and I choose a superhero movie that they’ve never seen before and we talk about what we thought of them.

It’s Time to Rewind: The podcast that I started after getting more into the Movies by Minutes style of podcasting that breaks a movie down to a single minute per episode. This podcast is a little more flexible as each episode dives into a specific loop of a time loop movie or TV episode which will be covered in full through the course of each season.

Superhero Podcast Review: This is a series where I review a superhero or comic book themed podcast. I give a general overview of the basics including a statistics page that shows things like how often its released, the general rating of the content, whether they focus on comics or movies more, if they’re serious or comedic, and give them an overall rating based on my personal opinion.

TV Nights: These are the posts dealing with superheroes and comic book adaptations in TV series form that started with a few posts on this site, but soon turned into my sister site Channel: Superhero which is currently on extended hiatus.

Superhero Shorts: I feature a short film featuring superheroes and also interview the creator about the film. They are generally fan films but range from parody, to serious, to music videos. Anything goes as long as it features a superhero and isn’t just a re-edit of an existing work.

Almost Super: These are movies that I can’t really call a “Superhero” movie, though there’s still some connection to the rest of the movies that I review on this site, whether it’s a heroic action movie, or looks visually like it was taken off the pages of a comic book.

Graphic Horror: This is the category that I use for any and all horror movies. Some of them would also qualify under the similar “Almost Super” tag, but I also use this tag for horror movies adapted from horror comics or graphic novels.

Follow Friday: I spotlight someone else’s blog, let you know why they are a blog worth following, and get the writer to answer a few questions about movies, blogging, and whatever else. Unfortunately, this has dropped off a few years ago and many of the sites featured are now inactive, but they are still available to read in the archives.

Blog: And finally, I will once in a while do something more random like a top 10 list, a review of a superhero novel, my thoughts on superhero movies in general, or a more personal update. Pretty much anything that doesn’t fit into one of the above categories goes here.

  1. Appreciate your stopping over and visiting my blog. I am eager to read some of your posts on some of the more recent comic turned movie transformations. I generally see most of them, as my husband is always eager to see them on the big screen 🙂

  2. Niice! Comics and movies, a more perfect pair there never was. And heck yes, Batman: The Animated Series rules! I’m sticking around now, lol. Looking forward to some awesome stuff from this site 🙂

  3. Just wanted to say you’re blog is very interesting to read, look forward to more posts.

  4. I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my blog to find out more information!

  5. I’ve been loving your blog for years.. so have nominated you for the Liebster Award – https://martinpwilson.wordpress.com/2016/03/13/my-fourth-liebster-award/

    Keep on with the amazing blog and reviews. Always enjoy reading it.

  6. Loved your entry for A Timely Blogathon! Hello 🙂

  7. Hey, Bub. I love your blog, really enjoy your content. So I decided to nominate you for a thing. https://themarckoguy.wordpress.com/2016/08/12/sunshine-blogger-award/

  8. Hi, I am hear to see if you would like to become a “Hasher” on our Sidekick And Super Hero Awards site…..the SASHAS. We are a bit behind for 2015 voting do to us finishing a
    movie to take to AFM.
    If you have time, drop in and check out what we are doing. Would love your feed back. I found you while looking for movies and tv shows. Love how devored and thorough you are. You can also go to http://www.silverpaladin.com
    We have some other irons in the fire to. AFM was a huge success for us.
    Smiles, Lo

  9. Hello Nathan. My name is Ahmed Alameen, and I am in the process of preparing for an indiegogo campaign for my comic book, which features a superhero with Autism. The story is inspired by Mesopotamian myths, and by my nephew who is also an awesome autistic kid. I am planning for a Comic Cover Reveal along with a Title Reveal, and I was wondering if you would help me get the word around by allowing my cover to be on your page, or perhaps your social media, so we can start and keep the story going when the crowdfunding campaign begins.
    Thank you very much.

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