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I’ve personally found that the popular idea of the blogroll doesn’t fit in with the way I work, so instead of just having a static list of blogs, I feature a new blog each week time and talk with the blogger to find out what makes it worth visiting. I hope to have an interesting and entertaining set of questions each and every week. Not only that, but instead of selecting each blog myself, I let each writer I talk to select the site for next week. It comes back around to me any time someone picks a site I’ve already featured, or one that for whatever reason doesn’t get back to me. Within each group of sites, the first one was chosen by me, which chose the one below it, and so on.

At the Back – InterviewSite

filmsRruss – Interview – Site

The Smoking Pen – InterviewSite

Criminal Movies – InterviewSite

Radiator Heaven – InterviewSite

5 Word Movie Reviews – InterviewSite

Paragraph Film Reviews – InterviewSite

Cool Awesome Movies – InterviewSite

Anti-Film School – InterviewSite

The Droid You’re Looking For (TDYLF) – InterviewSite

Front Room Cinema – InterviewSite

Fog’s Movie Reviews – InterviewSite

The Velvet Café – InterviewSite

Bonjour Tristesse – InterviewSite

Anomalous Material – InterviewSite

Flixchatter – InterviewSite

It Rains… You Get Wet – InterviewSite

Morgan on Media – InterviewSite

Marked Movies – InterviewSite

Head in a Vice – InterviewSite

Film Hipster – InterviewSite

Isaacs Picture Conclusions – Site


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