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The Greatest Comic Book Movies of All Time, Ranked

For the past few weeks, I’ve been reaching out to several other movie and/or superhero fans via Twitter, e-mail, and a superhero forum that I frequent. I collected their top comic book movie lists of all time and collected them into a spreadsheet where I came up with our collective best/favorite comic book movies of all time. Read on to hear their thoughts and see where your favorite CBM ended up on the list, I will say that there were a few surprises, especially when it came to what made it to #1.
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100 Essential Superhero Movies: 2016 Edition

100 Essential Superhero Movies: 2016 Edition

It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated my 100 Essential Superhero Movies. I initially made the list in 2014, and then I updated and ranked them to include the previous year’s movies in 2015 with the intention of updating the list each year; adding the most important and/or best movies of the year and removing some of the movies that only just barely made the list, or ones that have been eclipsed by newer movies for one reason or another. So here I am to update this list of the 100 superhero movies that I think are essential to understanding superhero movie history. These aren’t the 100 best superhero movies, each one is included because it contributes in some way to superhero movie history.
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My Life in Film pt 2

I’m back with the rest of my life in film, starting off with my first year of college on through this very year that we’ve just started. If you missed my last post, I’m going through every year that I’ve been alive and sharing with you my favorite film from that year as well as my favorite superhero or comic book film at least when they’re not one and the same. And these are all based on what I’ve logged in at Letterboxd and what they have listed as the movie’s release date, so if a year is wrong, blame them and not me. Anyways on to the list!
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My Life in Film pt 1

Recently a movie meme was hitting the rounds on Facebook and Twitter, I’ve seen it as both My Life in Film or #ThisIsMyFilm. The basics is that you choose your favorite movie from each year starting with the year you were born. Some years are harder than others, and doing the list myself it made me realize how few movies I had seen that were released in certain years in the early 80’s. And since I haven’t been posting much here recently, I thought I would expand my list and also include my favorite superhero or comic book movie from each year, aside from those few years where my favorite was a superhero movie. And FYI, the release dates are according to Letterboxd as that’s what I’m using to browse what films I’ve listed as having seen in each year. Thanks to Le0pard13 for the inspiration to turn this into a blog post. And despite not being as old as him, I’ve still decided to split this up into two blog posts. This one starts off with the year I was born and goes through the year I graduated high school.
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Ranking every Comic Book Film of 2016

It’s the beginning of a new year and for most movie blogs that means the year-end wrap-up list. And even though it took me a couple extra days, I once again managed to watch every superhero and comic book movie released in the US (that I’m aware of). The only other film that I haven’t watched was the bollywood superhero film A Flying Jatt which I don’t believe ever got a US release where I could watch a subtitled version. And instead of merely going through some number of my favorites, I decided to do something just a little bit different and go ahead and rank every single comic book film of this year from worst to best. And one quick disclaimer, while the title reads “Comic Book Film”, as I always do for this site I include superhero films that were never based on comics as well as comic book adaptations that aren’t about superheroes.
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Top 10 Graphic Horror Films

Top 10 Graphic Horror Films

Once completing my mini-goals watching movies for this site, I often like to end with a nice list featuring some of the best in that category. Now that we’re at the end of October, almost to Halloween I’ve completed watching every horror movie that I can find based on a comic book. If you haven’t been following along, graphic horror is my term for these movies based on horror comics. Graphic violence, graphic novel, it works for me. And for this list, I’m excluding thrillers and sticking with movies that have a notable horror aspect to them. They can be action horror, horror comedy, or straight up horror just so long as there’s plenty of horror in it. Enough chit chat, let’s get on with the list!
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Top 10 (Non-DC) Animated Comic Book Movies

After finishing up a full month of animated movies, I managed to complete one of my mini-goals. I have finished watching every animated movie that’s currently on my list, as well as a couple that weren’t. So with that in mind, I thought it was time to share my top 10 list of animated comic book movies. There are a couple conditions here – one is that I decided to exclude DC Animated films just because their output is so massive that they literally make up half the total list of films that I’m choosing from, and also because I’ve already done a top 10 list of just DC Animated films so I’m not looking to repeat myself. I considered also excluding Marvel in fairness, but their animated output is still quite small, and much of it is quite lacking. I also decided to exclude superhero movies that weren’t based on a comic i.e. no Incredibles. Spoiler alert, it would be at the top of the list. But with those conditions out of the way, let’s get to the list! And FYI, you can click any of the titles to check out my original full reviews on the movies.

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Top Black Superhero & Comic Book Movies of All Time

Wrapping up another Black History Month I’ve decided that after watching and reviewing all of them (which sadly want all that hard aside from discovering them all) I’ve decided to rank them all in this list in case you haven’t been paying attention and might not know how many are really out there, even if there’s only a couple surprises on this list and they’re probably closer to the bottom. And as for my criteria for what counts as a “Black Superhero Movie” or a “Black Comic Book Movie”, the biggest one is that a Black actor or actress gets top billing at the bare minimum. That means that Men in Black and Men in Black II don’t make the cut, but Men in Black 3 does. I’m also going with what I consider to be the standard definition of Black as best as I can figure based on my limited knowledge and am excluding other People of Color such as Asians, Latinos, and West Asians since there are several Asian superhero movies and Bollywood superhero movies I have yet to watch. Enough small talk, on with the list!
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Top 8 Superhero & Comic Book Films of 2015

It’s the New Year and that means that it’s time to look back at the previous year that has passed. And along with most movie sites I’ll be taking a look back at the films that came out this year and sharing my top 8 films. That may sound like an odd number, but there have been only eighteen films by my count released here in the US this year that I would classify as a superhero film or was based on a comic book. In the recent boom of superhero and comic book films, this is actually the smallest number of films released since 2009 as the number has been steadily growing since shortly after 2000. And because of that, I was actually able to watch them all before the end of the year! There were some good films this year, some surprises, and several disappointments. But there are eight films that I wanted to share once again with you as my personal favorites.
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Thursday Movie Picks: Train Scenes

There’s been a couple times in the past where I joined in this weekly discussion topic started by Wandering Through the Shelves where there’s a new topic for each participating site to choose three movies and the occasional honorable mentions that fit within the theme of the week. This week’s theme is Train Movies, but as I can only think of a single train movie that fits in this site’s focus, I decided to narrow it just a bit and go for train scenes. It seems like every other superhero has at least one moment where they need to stop a train for one reason or another, but here’s my top three, unranked.
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