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Top 10 Aliens in the Men in Black Movies

With the recent home video release of Men in Black International, I thought it was a perfect time for me to revisit the original trilogy as well as the rebootquel and come up with a list of my 10 favorite aliens in the series. Plus, aside from the second one, I do enjoy watching all of these movies and the first and third are some of my favorite movies. I liked the rebootquel more than most, but I’m not too broken up that it doesn’t seem like it will continue into its own franchise. Also, this is part of my Patreon rewards program, for just $1 a month, you could get early access to articles like these and help decide on a movie that I review each month. So click right here and help support this site and help it continue to grow.

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Top 10 (Non-DC) Animated Comic Book Movies

After finishing up a full month of animated movies, I managed to complete one of my mini-goals. I have finished watching every animated movie that’s currently on my list, as well as a couple that weren’t. So with that in mind, I thought it was time to share my top 10 list of animated comic book movies. There are a couple conditions here – one is that I decided to exclude DC Animated films just because their output is so massive that they literally make up half the total list of films that I’m choosing from, and also because I’ve already done a top 10 list of just DC Animated films so I’m not looking to repeat myself. I considered also excluding Marvel in fairness, but their animated output is still quite small, and much of it is quite lacking. I also decided to exclude superhero movies that weren’t based on a comic i.e. no Incredibles. Spoiler alert, it would be at the top of the list. But with those conditions out of the way, let’s get to the list! And FYI, you can click any of the titles to check out my original full reviews on the movies.

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Top 10 Best Superhero Casting…

Top 10 Best Superhero Casting…

There’s been a lot of talk about the casting of Batman (and a little Ant Man) in the past couple weeks so I decided to take a look back and share my thoughts on what I think are the 10 best casting decisions in superhero movies, and also 5 that were great choices but turned disastrous either through the script, direction, or whatever else it may be. Are there any great ones that I left off my list? Did I get the order wrong? Who would you have chosen? Make sure you share your opinion in the comments below.
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My top 10 Superhero movies

Now I know that many movie blogs end the year with a big top 10 list, and I’m no different. I also ask everyone who I have on this site the same question: “What’s your favorite superhero movie?” and from the beginning, I’ve dodged answering that question myself. My go to answer is “the next one”. But now that I’ve watched 100 superhero movies, and this site has technically passed its one year registration date even though I didn’t have my first real post for a couple weeks, I figured it’s time to narrow them down and give you a list of my top 10 favorite superhero movies. I know that movies are a highly subjective art form, no matter what movie it is there’s someone out there who likes it, so I’m not claiming that these are the all time best superhero movies, but they are my own personal favorites. I have also cheated a little bit and added some “runner up”s that have some connection with each entry, but shouldn’t be looked at as a possible replacement for that spot in the top ten, but more like a movie contending for spot #11. So without further ado, let’s get to the list.

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