What’s your Summer Predictions?

What’s your summer predictions?

I’ve already given you a summer superhero preview of all the superhero and comic book movies coming out this summer, but now that summer is actually on our doorstep with the release of Iron Man 3 today, I’m also curious as to what your predictions are for these movies. Who will be the big winner? Who will be the loser? Who will be the little winner? For a refresher, feel free to check out my summer superhero movie previews right here: part 1, part 2.

Just like last year, there’s three big budget superhero movies vying for the top spot, and yet again Disney/Marvel is leading the way with their Avengers follow up Iron Man 3 which already looks like a big hit on par with the Avengers. And coming in June instead of Batman is DC’s other heavy hitter Man of Steel, will it be another long awaited Superman the Movie, or another Superman Returns? And finally another non-Disney Marvel property with Fox’s The Wolverine which also has the great First Class to live up to and the less than stellar Wolverine: Origins to live down, but the X-Men’s recent grosses don’t hold a candle to last year’s Avengers or Dark Knight Rises. And of course, there’s the wildcard of the Lone Ranger. It’s more of an action/western than a superhero movie, but it is based on a comic book and it has the powerhouse of Johnny Depp & Gore Verbinski behind it who made Pirates of the Caribbean a massive success.

But there’s also a string of second tier superhero movies that aren’t really trying to get the top spot in the summer season, but will try their best to get a good chunk of the pie. There’s the fan favorite Kick-Ass 2, but the first one wasn’t really a huge success in the box office. It may have built an audience over it’s home video run but it’s tough to say if it will result in a bigger box office draw or not. The other sequel coming later in the summer is Red 2. Bruce Willis has been pretty hit or miss lately with the new Die Hard underperforming, yet G.I. Joe is a pretty good success. There’s also yet another sequel, or technically prequel with 300: Rise of an Empire which even though it comes out at the end of summer, it’s baffling to me that there’s not even a teaser trailer available to watch yet. The first one was a surprise success, but the sequel is missing Gerard Butler and doesn’t have Zack Snyder directing. And finally there’s R.I.P.D. which also has a late blooming ad campaign, has Ryan Reynolds in the lead which has not fared well in the past, and looks like they cribbed directly from Men in Black. But MIB was a big success, so there’s always the chance that it will bring in some fans.

So what do you think? Who will be the big winner this summer, who will be the other winner, and who will be left to pick up the crumbs of a box office bomb?


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  1. Man of Steel of course! Followed by Kick Ass 2 and RED 2 (I hope). 🙂

    • I’m with you on Man of Steel and Kick-Ass. The first RED completely passed under my radar, but seeing the trailer for the second has me totally in. Curious to catch up with the first one before watching the second.

  2. Obviously Iron Man 3 is set to make the big money, I can also see Man of Steel and Pacific Rim doing well. On the other side I think Lone Ranger will flop in the style of John Carter 😀

    May the 4th be with you!

    • Lone Ranger is definitely a wildcard. I could easily see it being a total flop and just as easily see it being a massive success. While I didn’t include Pacific Rim here, I think it could be a letdown in terms of the general audience. I think the internet audiences will clamor over it, but I’m not sure if it will hit with the general public.

      • Lone Ranger advertisement is non existent, its budget is $250M, and nobody is talking about it. Goin to flop!

        I think if Pacific Rim gets good reviews then it will get Transformers money. Let alone the sheer amount of money it will get in Asian countries 😀

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