Superhero Podcast Review: T’aint Funny

Welcome back to another round of my Superhero Podcast review, and we’re on to the first one that was actually requested of me, or at least the podcast was recommended to me by one of the hosts. Once and if I run out of suggested podcasts, I’ll stick with podcasts that are more superhero movie related, but I will review nearly anything as long as there is enough of a superhero discussion within the podcast itself. And I’m always looking for new podcasts to cover here, whether you’re a host or just a listener. Feel free to comment, e-mail me at or send me a shout out on Twitter @Bubbawheat. Now, onto the review.

T’aint Funny Podcast

Taint Funny Stats

The Basics

Episode count (as of 8-6-16): 51
Episodes listened to: 3
Release schedule: somewhat random, roughly 1-2 a month
Episode Length: 0:50 – 1:10
Audio Quality: Clear
Language rating: R
Spoilers: Not really
Production format: A single discussion between a group of friends that covers all sorts of topics including superhero movies and comics with a lot of comedy thrown in the mix and a couple of music breaks.


The hosts: Tach, Jimmy, Jon, & Eric are four friends and for their podcast they spend most of the time talking about entertainment news, comic book movies, comics, occasionally politics, and just what’s going on in their lives in general. They also spend much of that time joking around with each other and just making jokes in general. It’s a very lighthearted feel, though their sense of humor does tend towards borderline offensive and insulting humor.

Superheroes vs. Everything Else

This is more of a conversational podcast than a superhero podcast, but in all three of the episodes that I listened to, there was a significant amount of superhero content, whether it was discussing upcoming movies, or talking about a movie that most of them had seen. Or even just talking about some comics in general. But most of the time the podcast would just meander around from topic to topic based on whatever the hosts wanted to talk about at the moment.


When it comes to comedy podcasts it’s extremely subjective and I tend to have a specific sense of humor. And while I thought for the most part these guys were nice enough, there were just too many times where their comedy didn’t fit my sense of humor. There were several times when I thought a joke was a bit too mean spirited for my tastes even though they often would point out the joke’s own nature, it just rarely made me actually laugh. And while it’s possible that if I continued to listen, I would come to know the hosts a bit more and get used to them, but for now I think this one will be the first episode that gets today’s rating. If you’re reading this, I do encourage you to listen for yourselves, just because it’s not my sense of humor, doesn’t mean it’s not yours.

T’aint Funny Podcast Unsubscribed


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I'm a comic book movie enthusiast who has watched and reviewed over 500 superhero and comic book movies in the past seven years, my goal is to continue to find and watch and review every superhero movie ever made.

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