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Violence in Superhero movies

Up until now, most of the movies I’ve been watching for this blog I’ve been able to watch with my daughter. She’s five, I like to think she handles movie violence pretty well. She’s snuck up on us watching some violent shows like Supernatural or Vampire Diaries, I don’t think it was during any of the really gory parts but I know for sure I’m not letting her watch either of those shows on purpose any time soon. But superhero movies can be kind of a grey area. Most older movies are pretty tame with just some physical violence but never any blood.

But watching the 1990’s Captain America gave me a slight pause. It’s the first movie we watched together that really has guns in it, at least guns that aren’t just¬†ineffective¬†tools when used against Superman or Supergirl. There was some blood, nothing major, but it was a bit of violence. Her response was “Is his shirt dead?” Most superheroes aside from the ones that are specifically geared toward an adult audience like Watchmen are geared towards kids and adults. I’ve already questioned which Batman movies might be too much for her. I imagine she should be ok with Batman Forever and Batman and Robin, but the others I’m not so sure about, especially the Christopher Nolan ones.

What superhero movies are out there that are thought of as a “kid friendly” or at least one that you think of as one you might have grown up with that when you watch again as a parent, might be a little bit too violent for a young child to watch. Specifically, what about the new Captain America movie? Leave a comment, let me know what you think. I think I’ll have a short update, blog, or bonus review every Tuesday along with my regular reviews every Sunday and Thursday. Superman IV is up this Thursday to finish out the Christopher Reeve Superman movies. Until next time, this is Bubbawheat for Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights.