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Filmwhys Podcast: Jaws & Superman II the Donner Cut

I am back into the podcasting game! I’ve been flirting with podcasts for a while, helped start one that ended up not being a good fit for me for various reasons, and I finally found a concept that I think works perfectly for me and for this site. Welcome to the first episode of Filmwhys, also known as the “Why haven’t you seen this film podcast?” Ever since joining the film blogging community and the Lamb, I see a lot of discussion about various popular films that I have never seen, and people who are amazed at how many important and popular movies that I’ve missed out on. So this podcast is my attempt to fill those gaps in my movie watching and catch up on some classic and modern classic movies. For my firsts episode, I’m pleased to have Fogs from Fogs’ Movie Reviews as my guest and we talk about the 1975 Speilberg classic Jaws. Yes, it’s true that I’ve never seen this movie before watching it for this episode. But, since this is a website about superhero movies, I thought it was only fair to ask Fogs to watch a superhero movie that he’s never seen before in Superman II: The Donner Cut, which is significantly different from the theatrical Richard Lester cut which he had seen.
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