FTMN Poll: Post-Credits Scenes

Post-Credits scenes, sometimes they’re cool, sometimes they’re ok, and sometimes they’re not there at all. How do you feel about them? Do you always sit through the credits regardless, or do you find out beforehand if you need to sit through them? If you stay and there’s no scene, do you feel cheated? If you leave and find out there was an awesome end scene, does it annoy you? And do you have a favorite one that you’ve seen?

I know the Avengers had not just one, but two post-credits scenes. There’s one right after a few of the main credits, and there’s yet another one after all of the credits. Do you think it’s overkill? Personally I enjoyed staying until the end, at least until I had a daughter. I haven’t tried staying to the end since then but I imagine it will be a struggle. And of course, there’s always home video where you can just skip past all the credits and cut straight to the bonus scene. Share your opinion, vote, leave a comment, tell me what you think. Tomorrow I’ll have my review of more cheesiness with Howard the Duck and on Wednesday I’ll share the story of what happened when I went to the theater for the first time in about four years. Until next time, this has been Bubbawheat for Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights.


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  1. I actually really like post-credit scenes. Usually, I sit around to talk with people I’m with to get their initial reactions on the movies so I always enjoy getting alittle tease of what’s to come in the next film or special scenes to make you laugh.

  2. Via Kitsune9Tails

    Actually the reason I like post credits scenes is that I like hanging out in the theatre after a good movie just enjoying the ‘afterglow’ and ambiance, listening to the music (often the best song in a movie soundtrack is played over the end credits) and letting the theatre and parking lot get less crowded. It’s almost like the post credits bonus was put there for me as an extra reward!

    (note: left a comment on the poll instead of the post so I’m copying it here)

  3. Yeah, even before post-credits sequences were “in”, I liked sticking around for a while to let any crowds die down (except the handful of occasions that I had the theater to myself) though I usually never stuck around all the way until the end unless I heard there was something to stick around for. I think my favorite is at the end of A Knight’s Tale, though I didn’t see that one in theaters.

  4. nevertooearlymp

    The ones that are just a minute or two into the credits are good. And if I were all by myself then I would be fine with the ones at the very end. But the problem is other people. My friends get mad if I make them stay and there turns out not to be an end scene– or the end scene isn’t “worth the wait” in their estimation. Then there are all those people trying to climb over me to get out. You know, the same ones who had to climb over me because they arrived late are now doing it again so they can leave early. But the usher thing is the worst, and is what I voted for in the poll. Seriously, after the second or third time a movie has shown, they must have figured out that they can’t get in until the end, so why stand there with their brooms and dustpans giving us the evil eye?

  5. Great poll! I’ve got to say, normally I don’t stick around for the credits unless I’ve been told that there’s going to be a post-credits scene. Which is fine by me. But it does add something to the whole experience of film watching when they give you a little treat at the end for actually being patient enough to sit through the credits.

  6. Yeah, it’s even worse when you have a five year old itching to get out of the theater, or if you’re watching a movie that you think should have a post-credits scene, and then it doesn’t. I remember that happening to me a few times. The best are definitely the ones just after the big credits rather than the entire credits reel.

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