What ifs! What if you could kill one superhero?

Aquaman crosshairs

Obviously I don’t mean in real life. But if you had the power of publishing to greenlight the storyline death of any one superhero, which would it be? Would you pick a superhero that’s too popular for his/her own good? Or one that you just personally don’t like? Would you like to see them go down in a big throwdown fight to the finish, or do you just want them gone whichever way possible? Of course, one thing that’s usually inevitable when it comes to superhero deaths is that they never stay dead. Would you like to see that changed in your case? I think practically every major superhero has died at one point in time, most notably Superman. But Spider-Man, Captain America, Green Lantern, Batman have all died at one point in time. If a famous comic book character dies, should they stay dead? Does it count if someone else takes up their mantle? Often times a death raises the popularity of a character rather than ending it. Personally, I think Wolverine is a good choice to die. It’s a tough one to do though, since the X-Men timeline basically has his lifespan extended from the revolutionary war on through two generations of mutants or more in the future. He’s a great character, but I think it would be good for him to go away for a long while, a victim of his own popularity. What say you? Leave your answer in the comments! Until next time, this has been Bubbawheat for Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights.


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  1. I would pick The Green Lantern. The world does not need another Green Lantern movie.

  2. Wolverine was my first pick as well (in fact, one of my ideas germinating for my very-occasional Science Fictional column is how to do it.) He’s over-exposed in the comics right now; last I heard he was headlining half a dozen titles. I know death is temporary in comics, and I wouldn’t really want him gone for good, but I can’t help but think, even as someone who no longer collects them, that it would probably be good for comic book readers if the writers had to get by without him for ten or fifteen years.

    • Wow, 15? That’s a ton, even if the number is actually a few less that’s still pretty saturated, and he’s got two movies up on any of the other x-men. It’s funny, he’s as overpowered as Superman, but people rarely complain about his essential lack of a weakness like they tend to complain about Supes’s OP-ness.

      • No, I said 15 years; the number of titles I think was around half a dozen… though it wouldn’t surprise me if it was more. But yes, he’s oversaturated, and the way his regeneration has been ramped up over the decades is absurd. It was OK when it was still something that was just “faster than most”; I wonder how many people today remember that when Magneto ripped the metal out of him, he almost died. That wouldn’t slow him down for a second with the way things have gotten.

    • That’s what I get for looking through comments on my phone during my train ride. Even in the movies it progressed quickly. He was out cold for hours after the initial Sabretooth fight in the first movie, yet he was regenerating his skin faster than Jean could Psi-che it off of him.

      • Yup. I gather at one point in the comics he refers to having survived a nuclear bomb… uh, no. No amount of healing factor is going to save you from that one, bub.

  3. The green lantern just to ensure no more films 😀

  4. I’d kind of like to kill off Spider-Man, just to bring him back in a storyline that undoes One More Day (the arc that finally sunk Marvel Comics for me). I can’t think of any prominent heroes I’d actually like to perma-kill, although I do like the idea of a ‘new generation’ of heroes grounded in today’s issues.

    • From never having read any of them, I almost thought that’s what the New 52 was kind of trying to do, the ‘new generation’ thing only with all the same names.

  5. Superman. He annoys me. So pious, so perfect, so…..just so much of so.

  6. I honestly can’t pick. It would be interesting to see how they handled a Wolverine death, though.

    And I’m all for more Green Lantern movies. The one they made was super fun.

    • I don’t know if I’d go so far as to call it “super fun”, but it had enough moments that I think they could learn from their mistakes when making a sequel.

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