Graphic Horror Blogathon March 2015

It’s that time of year once again. I started this last year and I plan on continuing it again this year. Most bloggers take the month of October as the time to focus on horror movies since it’s near Halloween, but I thought that March is a good month to take a look at horror movies as well, to help spread the love of horror outside of the fall months. And besides, March is still the early part of the year which is generally the cinematic dumping grounds with a lot of poor movies in theaters. I’d love to make this a big event, and this year I’m keeping things a bit more simple so I’d love it if you would join me!

graphic horror blogathon 2


Horror movies and thrillers based on comic books. You can check out the list I’ve made at Letterboxd for several suggestions, but be warned, there are just as many misses as there are hits in there. I will also accept horror movies with striking visuals that you think would make a good comic book, like the Cell, Hellraiser, or Alien. Just be sure and take and share several screenshots showing off the great visuals.


The entire month of March, each week I will share any posts that are joining in the blogathon.


You! I will also be watching and reviewing several horror movies that I haven’t gotten around to yet like Whiteout, Virus, and Dr. Giggles. If you’d like to participate, leave a comment below or send me an e-mail with your site & which movie you want to cover. A list of those currently signed up will be right below, I’m also fine with multiple people covering the same movie.

Virus – Bubbawheat
Whiteout – Bubbawheat
Dr. Giggles – Bubbawheat
Road to Perdition – Bubbawheat
The Crow – Abbi [Where the Wild Things Are]
From Hell – Anna [Film Grimoire]
Blade – Kim [Tranquil Dreams]
Let the Right One In – Vern [Vern’s Video Vortex]
Swamp Thing – Steve [Movie Movie Blog Blog]

graphic horror blogathon

graphic horror blogathon 3

graphic horror blogathon small


About Bubbawheat

I'm a comic book movie enthusiast who has watched and reviewed over 500 superhero and comic book movies in the past seven years, my goal is to continue to find and watch and review every superhero movie ever made.

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  1. Can I do The Crow?

  2. Hmmm….let me think about it. Maybe I’ll do Blade?

  3. This sounds awesome and I would love to join. I’d love to write about From Hell!

  4. I definitely want in on this. Not sure what I want to write about just yet, though. I’ll come back and let you know.

  5. Hello Bubbawheat. I would love to take on Let The Right One In. That one has a lot of great visuals that would great in a Graphic Novel Medium

  6. I’m about the biggest Adrienne Barbeau fan on God’s green Earth. May I puh-LEASE blog about “Swamp Thing”?? – Blog:

  7. Victor De Leon

    Looking forward to this blog a thon! Should be a blast πŸ™‚

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