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Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 2018

Generally, the two most difficult types of reviews to write for this site are comedies and films that I enjoy. To put it mildly, Deadpool 2 is both of these things. When the first movie came out, it was a surprise hit and quite possibly rejuvenated the R rated superhero movie despite Watchmen’s mild success back in 2008. Deadpool’s comedy was something that hit in just the right way for audiences that were nostalgic for 80’s music but also current internet memes and Ryan Reynolds has the right kind of passion to get the film into the right people’s hands to make it something that does justice to the character that it previously lacked. The sequel ups the ante with a better story, better characters, a bigger budget, and keeps the humor intact for a ride that’s more enjoyable than the first movie as long as the humor hits you in the right way.

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Superhero Shorts: Deadpool: A Typical Tuesday

Deadpool: A Typical Tuesday

Welcome to this week’s edition of Superhero Shorts where I take a look at a different superhero themed short film and get the creator of the film to answer a few interview questions. This week I’m talking with not just one, but two co-creators of the Deadpool fan-film that just came out a little over a week ago, Keith Brooks co-writer and director, and Trevor Garner co-writer and Deadpool. You can check out their short, or you can visit their YouTube Channel for a gag reel and some great promos for the short, or you can watch the film right below.

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