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How Much is a Movie Allowed to Change

aka when did “Canon” become a bad word?

Obviously, I just watched Man of Steel this weekend, along with a ton of other people, but not everyone was happy with the way Superman was represented on screen. Of course with 75 years of different writers, artists, comic books, TV series, and movies there’s bound to be some discrepancies, but when does it become too far removed that it no longer resembles what the original character is supposed to represent? Personally, I’m on the side that is much more forgiving of liberties with the character. In music, I’m a big fan of remixes and mash ups, and in a way I think this translates to some of these characters. I like both the Sam Raimi and Mark Webb Spider-Man movies for different reasons, just how I like both the original Christopher Reeve Superman as well as Dean Cain’s Lois and Clark, Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel, Tom Welling’s Smallville, and several of the various animated incarnations. They are all very different from each other even though they are essentially the same character.
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Why do Superhero Movies Appeal to You?

Why do Superhero Movies Appeal to You?

There’s a lot to like when it comes to superhero movies, there’s action, drama, there can be comedy, horror, suspense, fantasy, any number of genres. But when it comes right down to it, can you specifically narrow down what it is about these larger than life figures that creates that appeal that makes you keep watching them year after year? And if there’s something about them that you don’t like, what do you think that is? Even when it comes to a movie that’s not universally loved, like the recent Iron Man 3, it can pull in some major money. Several of the biggest box office draws in the past ten years have been superhero movies. Is it the escapism? The wish fulfillment of a hero that is able to save at least a part of the world from problems bigger than the ones we face in real life? Is it merely the spectacle of watching two or more beings with amazing powers have a larger than life fight on the big screen? Or could part of it be the personal commitment to that it takes to make the sacrifices that every superhero has to make at one point or another and wonder if you could ever find the same strength within yourself? Along those same lines, is it about seeing a role model, something that you could aspire to be in your wildest dreams, if you happened to be a billionaire or got hit with the right combination of radioactivity that didn’t just give you cancer? Let’s hear what you have to say. Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

Do You Enjoy Watching Bad Movies?

I think I may have asked this question a long while back, but since I’ve been watching several bad movies lately I thought it was prudent to ask the question again. There are a lot of bad movies out there, and there are a lot of articles out there lambasting those same movies. Many of them appear to obviously have been a bad movie before the writer ever decided to watch the movie, so the question becomes “Why did you watch the movie if you knew it was going to be bad?” I can’t answer that question for everybody else, but for myself, it’s because I still enjoy watching them. Even a movie that I wasn’t really looking forward to going into, the Host, I still greatly enjoyed watching it because when those awful moments in the movie showed up, it made me laugh harder than some of the best comedies around. Besides superheroes and sci-fi, there are also plenty of horror movies out there that are atrocious and plenty of sites that are devoted to watching these low budget, occasionally good, but often just plain bad movies.

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Special Features, do you still watch them?

I remember when I first started getting into DVDs. I was never very much a VHS collector. When I was in college, I had a massive collection of 10 VHSs. My DVD collection numbers well over 1,000. If I can remember well enough, my VHS collection consisted of: Monty Python’s Holy Grail, Seven, Disturbing Behavior, The Nine Inch Nails music video collection, The Game, and a couple others I don’t remember. But when I first got my Fight Club DVD (I also remember at the time that the DVD came about a full 9 months or so before the VHS was due out) one of the things that intrigued me was the four commentaries and a full second disc of special features. I watched at least 3 out of 4 of the commentaries, and I quite possibly watched them all, I also explored most of the special features on the bonus disc. And from the very start, I was hooked. If there was a choice between a single disc release and a two disc release, I went with the extra special features. I own the 3 disc Hellboy: Director’s Cut, the 3 disc Sin City, all three of the four disc extended Lord of the Rings movies, the ultimate Matrix box set with a full 3 discs of special features… which brings me to the point of this post.

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As You Watch Podcast #1

Our introductory episode where you can meet all of the hosts. Me, Vern from, Nick of Cinematic Katzenjammer, and Joe from Two Dude Review. We also talk about out top 3 films of all time, the movie releases for the week ending 8/17, and we play a little game. I hope you enjoy, and we’ll be back with episode #2 in two weeks. Click right here to listen to our premier episode. And tomorrow will be a brand new feature from a guest poster. Until next time, this has been Bubbawheat for Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights.