FTMN Poll: Who’s your favorite member of the X-Men?

Now that I’m getting around to watching the X-Men movies, I’d like to know who your favorite member of the X-Men is. One of the popular ones such as Wolverine, or one of the lesser known ones such as Havok or Jubilee. I’ve tried to include most of the major members from the movies and the 90’s cartoon that I’m familiar with, but I’m sure I’ve left some out. If your favorite’s not on the list, be sure to leave a comment telling me why I should have included him/her.


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  1. This is a tricky one. As much as I enjoyed the movies, they didn’t really serve most of the characters very well. Wolverine, Rogue and Jean Grey were the only ones that you could say had any kind if real development; the rest were mostly either exposition-machines (Xavier) or there just to make up the numbers in the fights while being a fan shout out (looking at Colossus here). Of course First Class goes a long way to correcting this, for some of them at least. It’s a problem with doing such big ensemble teams – I think X2 had about a dozen X-Men – that Marvel neatly sidestepped with the individual, lead-in flicks. You can’t do right by 9 good guys (to use Avengers as an example) in just 2 1/2 hours unless the movie audience is already invested in them. Well, most of them anyway.
    This is the long way of saying I voted for Wolverine.

    • Yeah, it really helps to have previous movies set up personalities. Although many people didn’t like X-Men 3 which had two movies to set it up. I also knew that Wolverine would be up near the top, though I’m surprised by how high Gambit is showing, especially since he had only a small role in the films.

  2. Ohhh, shit! Bubba, Gambit is actually within striking distance of First Place! LOL

    • I’m surprised, but completely with them. Gambit got my vote, he was always my favorite on the 90’s cartoon. I’m also surprised someone actually voted for Cyclops.

  3. I’ll go with Kitty Pride she has been in some of my favorite comic books like the future past and the Alien inspired one…

    • I really like her concept, unfortunately she never really played much of a role in anything I’ve seen yet. Just a fairly minor role in Last Stand and I think she made a brief appearance late in the cartoon, as well as other cartoons which I never watched.

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