What’s your favorite Superhero Movie?

This weekly blog has become the toughest part about writing for this site, but since it’s halfway through the first year I thought it’s a good time to start tackling the toughest question that I ask everyone that I talk to for this site, “What’s your favorite Superhero movie?” I’ve done 23 different interviews, gotten 25 different people to answer this question, and gotten 25 different movies for an answer. Of course, that includes 2 people that didn’t pick a single movie, and almost half of them couldn’t pick just one movie. One person even went so far as to make a top 10 list. I counted every movie that was listed as a favorite, but I didn’t count any movies that were listed, but then discounted in favor of a different favorite movie. So what movies did everyone pick? Read on to find out.

The snubs

Even though I’ve talked to a fair number of people, it’s still a pretty small number compared to how many superhero movies are out there, and there has to be some movies that for whatever reason haven’t gotten mentioned yet. It doesn’t mean they’re bad movies, it just means that they’ve not been on the minds of the people I’ve talked to so far. As far as the darker side of movies goes, while Blade got a mention, it was beat out by the Avengers for one person’s favorite. Even though M. Night has slipped in popularity in recent years, I am a little surprised that his well done movie Unbreakable has yet to get a mention. And even from the people I talked to pre-Avengers, not a single one of the lead up movies including the favorite Iron Man ever got a mention. Even Hellboy was left out of the list so far. Even the original Tim Burton’s Batman movie didn’t get a single mention, in favor of one of the many other Batman movies.

The one-offs

These are all the movies that were picked by only one person, almost every movie is somebody’s favorite. The Crow, Darkman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Super, Kick-Ass, the X-Men trilogy as a whole, specifically X-Men 2, Batman Begins, Batman: Return of the Joker, The Toxic Avenger, Punisher: War Zone, Swamp Thing, and the TV movie Death of the Incredible Hulk. It’s quite a list, after watching Spider-Man 2, I’m surprised it wasn’t more people’s favorites. It’s also a little surprising that one person liked Batman Begins as their favorite but not the Dark Knight.

Doubling Down

There were another eight movies that got tagged by two to three people, including considerably cheesy movies like the Shadow and Flash Gordon. There was even a few animation fans who gave a nod to The Incredibles and Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. The biggest names from Marvel and DC each got a couple mentions of their origin stories with the original Spider-Man and Superman: The Movie. And finally a couple darker pics got the notice of a couple people with Batman Returns and Watchmen.

The Top Two

I don’t think it’ll surprise anyone when I mention the top two movies mentioned by the most people I’ve talked to. They are both great movies in their own right and really do their parts to elevate the superhero genre to a whole new level of film making. Joss Whedon’s epic the Avengers got the mention from five different people as their favorite superhero movie, the One movie to rule them all, one Coulson to find them, Nick Fury to bring them all, and in the dark of the theater bind them. But over on the DC side of things, Heath Ledger got a couple more people to name his movie their favorite, as seven have declared the Dark Knight their favorite superhero movie.


So what does this all mean? Nothing really, I just find it to be an interesting insight to know what someone’s favorite movie is within a specific genre. Superhero movies mean different things to different people, and even someone that doesn’t like superheroes in general is likely to know of one that is to their liking. Whether it’s the horror influence of Blade, the comedic influence of Mystery Men, the family influence of the Incredibles, the action influence of the Punisher and Kick-Ass, or just a great superhero movie in general like the Avengers or the Dark Knight, there’s something out there for everyone. Now, I know the question you’re asking right now, what’s my favorite superhero movie? The next one. If I haven’t already asked you, let me know what your favorite superhero movie is down in the comments and I’ll have another wrap up in six months. Until next time, this has been Bubbawheat for Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights.

About Bubbawheat

I'm a comic book movie enthusiast who has watched and reviewed over 500 superhero and comic book movies in the past seven years, my goal is to continue to find and watch and review every superhero movie ever made.

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  1. Superman The Motion Picture for all the awe and wonder.

  2. I waver a bit, but I keep returning to Superman: The Motion Picture. It’s very well done, very true to the characters, inspired most of the theatrical superhero features (the sole real exception being the 1966 Batman), and it aimed high and hit the mark. They said “You will believe a man can fly”… and they made the audience believe it.

  3. Nice to see support for the original modern superhero movie.

  4. Right now I have to stick with “The Dark Knight”.

    But that’s subject to change. 😉

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