FTMN Poll: What’s your favorite type of Superhero?

So what’s your favorite type of Superhero? Do you enjoy the more sci-fi aspects of heroes like Superman, Green Lantern, and the Avengers? Or do you enjoy the more grounded in reality heroes like Batman? There’s also the attempts at more realism like in Unbreakable, Super, Chronicle, or the first half of Hancock. Or do you prefer fantasy heroes like Percy Jackson, or going farther back to Greek Mythology and Hercules or Jason and the Argonauts? Let me know.

I also wanted to take a moment to direct you to the site of the artist who originally created all of the minimalist posters I featured on Facebook this Monday thru Friday, you can find him at deviantArt, so be sure to check out some of his other stuff. He’s done a lot of minimalist posters for video games and some other movies I didn’t use.

Minimalist Poster Leaderboard

David – 4
Dust Raven – 4
Dusty – 4
Jason – 3
Morgan – 3
Keith – 2
No One – 2
Dylan – 1
Silver Emulsion – 1
Rob – 1
Fog’s – 1
Tygenco – 1
Nick P – 1
Nick J – 1
Jessica – 1

About Bubbawheat

I'm a comic book movie enthusiast who has watched and reviewed over 500 superhero and comic book movies in the past seven years, my goal is to continue to find and watch and review every superhero movie ever made.

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  1. I’m big on the underdog and/or realism aspect. That’s precisely why I really don’t like Superman at all. There’s only one thing in the whole universe that can beat him and it’s not even on this planet? Blech. That’s like going to a blackjack table and pulling for the house to beat the patrons.

    I’m a huge sucker for Spider-Man going all the way back to childhood, and I’ve become a fan of Batman through the years.

    From a film standpoint, it’s sort of all up for grabs. I just want a good movie. TDK and The Avengers are both great movies, and couldn’t be more different.

    • Just want to mention that you are so wrong about superman. There’s more than one thing that can defeat him. Kryptonite is the most known, but he’s also susceptible to magic. There are loads of sorcers in the DC universe and they are all a threat to superman. Then there’s the fact that he’s only powerful under the yellow sun, something that’s been exploited many times. If all that fails, there’s other villains and heroes in the DC universe that can match his strength and powers or even exceed them.

    • I honestly think that’s why superhero movies are doing better lately, both critically and in the box office department (more or less). The increasing use of realism. Even in more fantastic movies, the better ones are the ones that are grounded as much as possible in reality.

  2. I like the sci-fi stuff like Superman and Green Lantern. However, they don’t always translate into good movies. The animated sci-fi superheroes are generally better. The exception to this rule would be the Christopher Reeve superman movies.

    The more grounded stuff usually makes for better cinema. Unbreakable is a great example of that. I think its because you can get a director who really knows drama and he doesn’t have to worry about special effects all the time.

    Glad to see myself on this leader board because I sure do suck at the Lamb Chopups

  3. I prefer some semblance of realism, and I think that’s why I have been on such a huge Batman kick lately. His stories can be ridiculously over-the-top but also remain somewhat grounded in reality.

    Never got into Harry Potter or anything that’s straight up fantasy.

    • I’m somewhat surprised there haven’t been more fantasy fans voting. I’m not sure if they’re my favorite, but I really love fantasy movies just as much as I do superhero movies.

      • For me, when I’m in the mood for fantasy movies, I want something more like Lord of the Rings than fantasy characters transplanted into a modern world like most of the fantasy superheroes.

  4. Definitely prefer the more realistic approach to superhero movies. While it’s great to have the escapism of most comic book characters and superheroes, there’s just something cool about making it feel like these kinds of characters could actually exist in our reality. That’s why we loved Nolan’s Batman films so much, and why we’re looking forward to the Snyder/Nolan version of Superman next year.

    Btw, Bubbawheat, we’re loving what you do here (and love your blog’s name), so we wanted to share the Liebster Award with you. We hope you come over to claim it! http://www.twoticketsfor.com/2012/07/the-liebster-award.html

    • It seems that the favorite is the semi-realistic approach. I imagine it’s the combination of thinking that things like that could actually happen, but there’s also enough fantasy to it so that it’s a more enjoyable cinematic experience.

  5. The Batmans of the world.

    side note, I actually have the disease (O.I.) that they gave to Samuel L. Jackson, in the movie Unbreakable. And if there are people like me out there, why can’t there be people who are on the other end of the spectrum?

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