Follow Friday: Hard Ticket to Home Video

Welcome to another edition of Follow Friday, where each time I feature and interview a fellow blogger and follow their suggestion to another blog to feature next time, which is currently monthly-ish. I prefer this over a blogroll because it gives each blog their own time to shine, plus I personally rarely click on blogrolls so why would I expect you to? Not only that, but I get the chance to check out some great blogs I might not have found otherwise found, talk to some great people, and share the conversation with you. Of course, if you would rather see something like a blogroll, I have collected all of my previous Follow Friday sites in list form which you can find right at the top of the page. Last time I was directed by Isaac from The IPC to check out a site I already enjoy Hard Ticket to Home Video.

Hard Ticket to Home Video

I forget exactly how I found my way to this site the first time, I think it was probably one of the Ask Professor Popcorn where there’s a couple bizarre movie related questions with well thought out, yet completely absurd & funny answers. There’s a lot of fun lists and True of False Trivia where one of the trivia items are true and the other is a made up one, and it’s usually very difficult to tell which one is which. There’s also the occasional actual movie review, and plenty of news headlines lately, but the real treat here is the humor. But enough from me, let’s hear from one of the two guys behind the site, Brian Johnson.

Bubbawheat: What would you say best defines your sense of humor? For a site is called Hard Ticket to Home Video, but I looked all over and couldn’t find a single ticket anywhere, hard easy or otherwise, and where is this Home Video you speak of?

Brian Johnson: I grew up watching TV, mostly reruns of Sanford & Son. I always leaned on humor because my acne was too horrible for girls to take me seriously anyway. My humor is like dry corn. Delicious but bitter and could crack your teeth.

The tickets are only available through the summoning of a djinn, who will demand payment in the form of sexual torture. Then he’ll prop your eyelids open with his barbed penises and make you watch the Home Video, which is Ghoulies. That’s the worst part.

BW: You recently decided to add news headlines to your site, how did you recruit R.O.T.O.R. to your cause, and how did you hear about him in the first place?

BJ: Brad and I first heard of R.O.T.O.R. through Red Letter Media’s “Best of the Worst” videos, which we’re big fans of because that’s essentially what we do when our wives let us get together: watch two or three awful movies and crack wise like a couple of wise crackers. So Brad bought that 50 Sci-Fi DVD pack for $2 I think and we watched R.O.T.O.R. and were mesmerized by it. Having R.O.T.O.R. work for us was purely a coincidence when he answered our classified ad looking for sexy singles in the Jacksonville area.

BW: What is the most enjoyable category of articles for you to write? What has been your most unexpectedly popular?

BJ: I absolutely love doing True or False Trivia. So far, nobody has figured out that #2 is always the true one. The most unexpectedly popular has been a post I did on National Lampoon’s European Vacation, because now we get tons of search engine hits for “German girl boobs,” which leads me to believe that that’s all our site should be about.

BW: Would you rather: Watch Barb Wire in a theater, or your all-time favorite movie (if it’s not Barb Wire) on a cell phone?

BJ: No I have never made love to a hot-buttered bucket of popcorn in a movie theater! Who told you that?? Rhonda?? Ace?? Slim?? Precious??

BW: Who do you think will win the Mirth Madness tournament? Who do/did you want to win?

BJ: I believe the final votes will be in by the time you post this, but I have Frank Drebin all the way as both who I want to win and who I think will win. And simply because “Sexual assault with a concrete dildo??” is the greatest line of all time, and also the fastest-growing crime R.O.T.O.R. has to solve around our offices.

BW: Well unfortunately he just got taken out by Clark Griswald who is facing off against Navin from the Jerk as we speak. Now for the serious question: What is your favorite superhero movie?

BJ: Super Fuzz for sure. Greatest theme song and use of bubblegum ever in a superhero movie. Plus: Ernest Borgnine. What else do you need?

BW: Wow, someone mentioned a superhero movie I actually haven’t seen yet! Though I have heard of it, I’ll have to bump it up on my list. And what site do you suggest I follow for my next Follow Friday?

BJ: Cinema Parrot Disco, because she said hi to me, once.


Nice choice, I hadn’t visited there yet but we did just recently have an odd Twitter conversation about the Disney Fairies movies, I never knew you liked Videa so much too! The things you find out about people on Twitter these days. Thanks again for answering my questions, until next time this has been Bubbawheat for Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights.

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I'm a comic book movie enthusiast who has watched and reviewed over 500 superhero and comic book movies in the past seven years, my goal is to continue to find and watch and review every superhero movie ever made.

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    My 43rd interview, by my count.

  2. I thought this was appearing in People? Thanks Bubba!

  3. I just started reading regularly HTtoHV a few weeks ago (after dropping in a few times here and there), and it’s definitely worth following. The reviews are good, and ROTOR News is hilarious.

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