Dark Vengeance Fan Art Contest

I don’t do too many contests here, but when I get the chance to partner with someone else running a contest, I’m usually up for the task, especially if there’s some connection to this site. While the connection might be thin in this case, I’m a fan of art and wanted to share this opportunity with you to create a piece of fan art for Steven Seagal’s new movie coming to Redbox at the end of this month called Dark Vengeance. You can view the trailer below and you can click here for details on how to enter the contest.

Official synopsis:
Seattle’s darkest criminals force Elijah Kane and his hard knuckled team to work around the clock to track down a meticulous “Black Magic”-practicing killer in the vagrant strip club underworld.

Personally, I think it looks like an interesting crime drama with the possibility of some revenge action later on in the movie. I recognized the actress in the trailer from her role way back on Edgemont and surprisingly I’ve never seen a Steven Seagal movie that I can remember even though I’ve become a fan of some of these hard boiled 80’s style action hero movies, even though this looks like it takes itself much more seriously than what I might consider a classic Seagal movie.

Once again, Click here for full details on how to enter, where every two weeks a winner is chosen and fans can earn the chance to win an Aikidogi, MMA fight gloves, or a wooden bokken signed by Seagal.

Dark Vengeance Tall


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