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Dark Vengeance Fan Art Contest

I don’t do too many contests here, but when I get the chance to partner with someone else running a contest, I’m usually up for the task, especially if there’s some connection to this site. While the connection might be thin in this case, I’m a fan of art and wanted to share this opportunity with you to create a piece of fan art for Steven Seagal’s new movie coming to Redbox at the end of this month called Dark Vengeance. You can view the trailer below and you can click here for details on how to enter the contest.
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Blu-Ray #MovieMagic Giveaway

It’s coming up on time for the holidays and I’m pleased to say that once again I’m able to offer you a blu-ray giveaway sponsored by Partners Hub. This time around is a bit more chance involved as you are able to win one of 21 different titles including the superhero movies The Wolverine and Man of Steel, as well as the comic book inspired movies 2 Guns, The Lone Ranger, and Red 2 as well as many more. You have 2 ways you can enter the contest, and if you do both you’ll double your chances to win: 1) Comment on this post and mention which one of these movies you are most hoping to win. And 2) Follow me on Twitter, and sent a tweet mentioning me @Bubbawheat with the hashtag #MovieMagic and tell me what superhero movie you most want to get on Blu-Ray, whether it’s in this giveaway or even if it’s not on blu-ray at all. The contest has ended, thanks to everyone who entered!
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Bounty Killer DVD Giveaway

Once again I’ve been contacted by the folks at Partners Hub to host a giveaway. This time it’s for a futuristic shoot-em-up independent movie based on a graphic novel called Bounty Killer. It’s out in limited release this weekend and comes out on DVD next month. Click the picture below to check out the Bounty Killer app and take a look at the trailer.

Bounty Killer
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