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Blu-Ray #MovieMagic Giveaway

It’s coming up on time for the holidays and I’m pleased to say that once again I’m able to offer you a blu-ray giveaway sponsored by Partners Hub. This time around is a bit more chance involved as you are able to win one of 21 different titles including the superhero movies The Wolverine and Man of Steel, as well as the comic book inspired movies 2 Guns, The Lone Ranger, and Red 2 as well as many more. You have 2 ways you can enter the contest, and if you do both you’ll double your chances to win: 1) Comment on this post and mention which one of these movies you are most hoping to win. And 2) Follow me on Twitter, and sent a tweet mentioning me @Bubbawheat with the hashtag #MovieMagic and tell me what superhero movie you most want to get on Blu-Ray, whether it’s in this giveaway or even if it’s not on blu-ray at all. The contest has ended, thanks to everyone who entered!
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Jack the Giant Slayer giveaway and Filmwhys Quiz!

The contest is now over, congratulations to the winner, and read below for the answers to the Filmwhys quiz

I’ve been lucky enough to catch the attention of PartnersHub which often runs Blu-Ray giveaways across various movie blogs. Being that this is a niche site, I’ve so far declined to run giveaways for movies I wouldn’t review for this site. And while this is a fantasy movie, it would easily qualify for an “Almost Super” entry. And on top of that, it was released to Blu-Ray on my birthday! Not only that, but I did enjoy the movie myself a lot more than many of my fellow reviewers who have seen it. It’s not an amazing movie by any means, but it really is worth a watch. And while you’re at it, click on the pic below to check out the neat little app attached to the movie.
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