Superhero Podcast Review: Super Zero

Welcome back to another edition of my Superhero Podcast Review where I take a closer look at one of the many podcasts that focus on the world of superhero and comic book movies. This is one of the few times that I will feature a podcast that has technically ended its run because I did listen to the majority of the show and since the show does focus mainly on the movies with little to no talk about news, there’s no real deadline on the content’s freshness. But I will say it here, when asking for suggestions & submissions for future podcast reviews in the future, it should be a show that’s still currently being produced. And if you know of one, or if you host one yourself, feel free to contact me by leaving a comment, shouting me on Twitter @Bubbawheat or sending me an e-mail

Super Zero

Super Zero Podcast stats

The Basics

Episode count 32
Episodes listened to: 28
Episodes recommended to me by the podcast: #19 X-Men: Days of Future Past and #11 Superman Returns
Release schedule: essentially ended, but new episodes will come out for some new releases.
Episode Length: 0:45 – 1:00
Audio Quality: Clear
Language rating: PG
Spoilers: Yes
Production format: A single discussion on a superhero movie property, occasionally two in a versus format where Matt is the superhero expert while Alia is the superhero novice.

The Format

The two hosts of this show are Matt Brown and Alia Miller who both have had various movie podcasts and decided to start this show as a school of sorts for Alia who was not very familiar with superhero comics or superhero movies in general. So the initial concept was for this podcast to be essentially a school for Matt to teach Alia about superhero movies by looking at some of the most notable ones for various reasons. And while Matt does have fair knowledge on the comics, the discussion is mainly focused on the movies at hand. Once in a while they do change format where they might have a versus between two similar movies to see which one wins across various fun categories. And now that Alia’s schooling is essentially complete, their mission is “done”, but they will get together now and again to discuss a new release if they are both interested in it, which the next one might possibly be the Suicide Squad.

Comics vs Movies

Again, while Matt is obviously familiar with many of the comics from the movies they cover, the conversation generally sticks specifically to the movie or movies at hand. If Alia ever has a question about the film that can be answered through things that are expanded upon in the comics, Matt will bring those moments up. But through and through, this is a movie podcast hosted by two movie fans and that’s where the main discussion lies. And like many podcasts out around this time they also touch on the Netflix series with an episode on Daredevil as well as Jessica Jones.

The Verdict

It should be pretty obvious considering how many episodes of this show that I’ve listened to as well as the fact that I’m essentially breaking a rule that I just introduced by covering a podcast that has basically ended its run. But Alia and Matt have great podcast chemistry and they keep things light while also being able to delve deeper once in a while to some of the film’s themes. Like one of the episodes that I re-listened to since I had just watched Scott Pilgrim for my own Filmwhys Spotlight episode had some great insight into some of the motivations on the characters.

Super Zero Subscribed


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