It’s Time to Rewind: Bonus weeks

It’s Time to Rewind: Bonus weeks

It’s Time to Rewind has finished up its first season on Groundhog Day a few weeks ago, but there has been bonus content coming out every week since then and of course I have to share it here. Especially as three of those episodes are focused on Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Tomorrow’s bonus episode is a cross-promotion of the latest Filmwhys episode and season 2: Trapped in the Twilight Zone will be starting on November 1st. So enjoy these episodes and I look forward to sharing the next season with you!

Bonus: Scott Pilgrim vs the World in this episode, I’m joined by voice over actor and host of A Christmas Story Minute Bentley Michaels to discuss the final fight scene and mini time loop in Scott Pilgrim vs the World when Scott Pilgrim fights Gideon at the Chaos Theater.

Bonus: Scott Pilgrim vs the World: Extra Life in this episode, Bentley Michaels once again discusses the second half of the mini time loop in Scott Pilgrim vs the World after he uses his extra life to defeat Gideon this time… uh spoilers I guess.

Bonus: Filmwhys Spotlight: Scott Pilgrim vs the World in this episode, I’m re-sharing my Filmwhys Spotlight episode where I did a deep dive into what makes Scott Pilgrim vs the World so special through the voices of four fans of the film along with clips from the movie, interviews with Edgar Wright, as well as the audio commentary from the film.

Bonus: Heidi II aka Courage Mountain in this episode, I’m joined by Paul Hawkins from the Blokebusters Podcast to discuss what was supposed to be a fictional movie featured in Groundhog Day when Phil goes to see the film dressed up as Bronco. But I discovered that it’s actually a real movie that came out a few years before Groundhog Day, based on the sequel novel but set at the beginning of World War I and co-starring Charlie Sheen. It’s bizarre.


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