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Episodes 1-20
Episodes 21-40
Filmwhys Extra Episodes

21 Seventh Seal Batman

Episode 21: The Seventh Seal and Batman: The Movie with John LaRue of The Droid You’re Looking For.

22 Incredible Sunrise

Episode 22: Before Sunrise and the Incredibles with JD Duran of InSession Film.

23 Fargo Hellboy

Episode 23: Fargo and Hellboy with Justin Gott of Man, I Love Films.

24 Saving Private Constantine

Episode 24: Saving Private Ryan and Constantine with Ryan McNeil of The Matinee

25 Napoleon Defendor

Episode 25: Napoleon Dynamite and Defendor with Simon Connolly, director of the upcoming The Last Superheroes.

26 District Blog

Episode 26: District 9 and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog with Shala Thomas of Life Between Films

27 Simpsons of all Trades

Episode 27: The Simpsons and Jack of All Trades with Nick Jobe of Your Face!.

28 Dick Titanic

Episode 28: Titanic and Dick Tracy with Jay Cluitt of Life vs. Film.

29 Wicked Invasion

Episode 29: Invasion of the Body Snatchers and The Crow: Wicked Prayer with JD Duran of InSession Film.

31 Thing Pilgrim

Episode 30: The Thing and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World with Lackey of The Nightmare Gallery.

31 unbreakable mockingbird

Episode 31: To Kill a Mockingbird and Unbreakable with Jess from French Toast Sunday.

32 flash lebowski

Episode 32: The Big Lebowski and Flash Gordon with Nolahn from Your Face!.

33 all star graduate

Episode 33: The Graduate and All-Star Superman with Bruce Leslie from Heroes and Villains Podcast.

34 Supergirl's Baby

Episode 34: Rosemary’s Baby and Supergirl with The IPC from Isaac Pictures Conclusions.

35 Dead Poet Darkman

Episode 35: Dead Poet’s Society and Darkman with Alex Withrow from And So It Begins…

36 Gold Giant

Episode 36: Goldfinger and the Iron Giant with guest Chris Ramey from What’s After the Credits?.

37 When Batman Met Sally

Episode 37: When Harry Met Sally and Batman Begins with guest Jess from French Toast Sunday.

37 Perfect Knight

Episode 38: Perfect Blue and The Dark Knight with Elwood Jones from From the Depths of DVD Hell.

39 Mad Max Rises

Episode 39: Mad Max and the Dark Knight Rises with Shane McFilm from The Cinematic Katzenjammer.

40 Modern Elektra

Episode 40: Modern Times and Elektra with Adam Portais from Hero Movie Podcast.


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