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FTMN Book Club – March

FTMN Book Club – 30 Days of Night

Typically, I’ve tried to make March into a Graphic Horror month where I take a look at horror movies based on comics. But except for one last one that I had missed, possibly more, I’ve covered them all already. So instead, I thought it would be a good idea to make the book of the month be a horror comic. 30 Days of Night was suggested and I thought that would be a perfect way to start things off after February’s odd novel/comic hybrid. And as a bonus, if you are signed up for Hoopla Digital, the comics are free to lend.
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FTMN Book Club – Diary of a Teenage Girl

For the first edition of this book club, I’m taking a look at a book that I had already started reading before deciding to start this series. And even then, I only barely finished the book before the end of the month. The Diary of a Teenage Girl is a little of what you might expect and a lot of what you wouldn’t. It’s formatted to resemble a teenager’s diary and in fact it actually does contain excerpts of the author’s actual teenage diary combined with additional entries to fill out the entire story, though there is no distinction on which ones are real and which ones are new. It also combines those diary entries with pictures and comics that enhance and in several cases further the story. But what makes this book unique is the frank descriptions of teenage sex and drugs from a very teenage point of view.
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Book Nights: The Heart Does Not Grow Back

The Heart Does Not Grow Back
by Fred Venturini

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a book on here, mainly because I don’t seek out what I perceive to be a very small subgenre of fiction outside of comic books. It doesn’t help that my past experiences have been bad to mediocre, but I’m never one to turn down something for free so I accepted the offer to review another piece of superhero fiction. The brief description had me interested, it seemed like there were some horror elements and it wouldn’t be a straightforward superhero origin story. What I ended up with was a superhero story that was one of the most original takes on a superhero that I have ever seen, on screen or off. It’s got coming of age elements to it, and the main character is someone who I could relate to probably more than I should care to admit to. It also has some well written moments of tension during some horrifying and gruesome moments that feel all too real. It’s a fairly short novel, and while I expected to take a couple weeks to read through it, I managed to finish it in less than a week.
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