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Bubbawheat Original Minimalist Movies

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FTMN Poll: Best poster of the week?

I haven’t decided for sure yet, but instead of the usual poll, I may use these Monday posts to highlight the minimalist posters I use in my daily Facebook game. If you haven’t visited our Facebook Page yet, be sure to check it often. I post a new minimalist poster almost every day with the title removed, and it’s your job to guess what movie the poster is for. There’s some great designs, good ones, tough ones, and some not-so-great ones. There’s only been a couple stumpers including one from this week, though there’s still not a ton of people playing. So which one’s your favorite from this week’s batch, and why?

Also, the current leaderboard:

David – 4
Jason – 3
Morgan – 2
Dust Raven – 2
Dusty – 2
Keith – 2
No One – 2
Dylan – 1
Silver Emulsion – 1
Rob – 1
Fog’s – 1
Tygenco – 1
Nick – 1

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