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Superhero Inbetweeners

Over the last couple weeks or so I’ve caught a few superhero bits here and there that don’t quite fit my criteria for a superhero movie one way or another. So instead of just letting it all go by the wayside, I thought I’d collect my thoughts on them in a single post here while also including why I don’t quite consider them to be superhero movie material. Though a couple of them are pretty obvious as to why. And I should be catching up on a couple more movies in the near future.

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Superhero Shorts: Three to look out for

Welcome to an atypical edition of Superhero Shorts, once again I was shorthanded on getting a new interview, so instead I thought of a better idea. Instead of talking about a fan-film that’s already been finished, I thought I’d take a quick look at three projects I found on Kickstarter that are trying to get enough funding to be made. I didn’t get a chance to talk to any of the project founders as this was a fairly last-minute idea, but they all look pretty interesting and I think they’re worth it. So if you’re looking to help bring new superhero fan-films to light, then look no further.

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Superhero Shorts: Super Powers

Superhero Shorts: Super Powers

In this series I’ve already taken a look at a good spectrum of different videos, a parody, a comedy, a serious video, a new video. This week I’m taking a look at a short series of videos from TheMrMenagerie which showcases various special effects done by himself with a bit of humor added to it in a series called simply Super Powers. Below I’m featuring the first episode featuring the power of fire. And once again I was lucky enough to get a hold of TheMrMenagerie to ask him a few questions which you can read below my review.

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