FTMN Poll: Assembling the Avengers

I’ve already decided what order I’m going to be watching the movies leading up to the Avengers. I didn’t include Ang Lee’s Hulk in this poll since most people prefer to ignore it and it was made before The Avengers was even in the planning processes. Are you going to be re-watching any or all of these movies before seeing the Avengers or are you going in clean. If you haven’t seen them all, which ones haven’t you seen and do you plan to?


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I'm a comic book movie enthusiast who has watched and reviewed over 500 superhero and comic book movies in the past seven years, my goal is to continue to find and watch and review every superhero movie ever made.

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  1. Other than a re-watch of Thor I did for The Focused Filmographer, I’m not planning on re-watching any of them prior to seeing The Avengers. I have seen them all, though; all but Iron Man 2 in the theatre. And my best guess on the order is Cap, IM, IH, IM2, Thor.

  2. I would love to do a rewatch, but I don’t have The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2 or Capt. America to hand, so didn’t! Also, time was a major factor. Though had I done, I would have done it in this order:

    Captain America – Iron Man – Incredible Hulk – Iron Man 2 – Thor

    Going by the end of credits scenes mostly.

    • I think it’s interesting that there’s generally two schools of thought, the chronological order, putting Cap at the beginning, and the release order, putting Cap at the end.

  3. Hi, I just started following your blog and wanted to leap straight in on the action. I recently did a re-watch and went with:

    Iron Man, IM2, Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America.

    I’d actually argue that watching Cap last is watching it in chronological order: The Prologue and Epilogue occur after all the other movies, and I’d say that the main portion of the film should be seen as a “flashback”. I don’t think it’s particularly important which way you view Cap tbh. so long as you watch Thor and Incredible Hulk after Iron Man 1+2

    • Honestly, aside from watching the sequels in the proper order, I think there’s so much concurrency or timeline jumps between the movies that it doesn’t really matter at all which order you view them in. But it’s interesting to see people’s thoughts on it. There is at least one other person who agrees with my order which everyone will see as I do the reviews.

      And thanks for reading, you got a great looking theme for your site by the way.

  4. nevertooearlymp

    Sadly, I’ve only seen Iron Man 1 & 2 from this list, and don’t plan on catching the other ones before The Avengers (unless they pop up on free tv unexpectedly).

    It seems strange to me that I have missed so many of the other ones, as I quite like super hero movies when I see them. But maybe I’m just more of an X-Men guy.

    I do plan to see the Avengers though, and look forward to reading your thoughts on it!

    • If you do decide to catch up on at least one movie, I would suggest either Captain America since he’s going to be the focus in this movie, or Thor if you’re less familiar with the character since he’s probably the least known out of the bunch, at least in comic book form.

      • nevertooearlymp

        Yeah, Joel has been suggesting Captain America to me for a while, so I should probably see it soon. My sense is that it has enough of a sense of humor about its over-the-top patriotism that when I do get around to seeing it, I’ll end up being a huge fan.

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