FTMN Poll: Who would win in a fight #1

Who would win in a Fight #1

Spider-Man, blinded

Daredevil, sight restored

I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to come up with this. Whenever a discussion about superheroes comes up, there’s often the hypothetical “who would win in a fight?” question, and everyone has their opinions. I thought I’d do things a little bit differently and add a bit of flavor to the battle. There is no Polldaddy poll this time because the best part about these discussions is hearing the reasoning behind them, so vote in the comments section.

A little clarification for the detail minded. Both Spider-Man and Daredevil would have their sight removed/restored immediately before the fight, and all the disorientation that comes with it. Bring on the discussion!


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  1. Hmm… I suspect the loss of sight for Spider-Man would be a bigger hindrance than the gain of sight would be a benefit to Daredevil. After all, Daredevil’s echo location basically boils down to him having the power of sight anyway. Spidey’s spider-sense would help compensate, but although it gives warnings, it’s often a bit too slow to do him any real good against a fast opponent.

    Still, in the end, I have to give the win to Spider-Man here. Heightened senses or no, Daredevil is just a man. Spider-Man can bench-press a Buick. And he’s been shown in some issues to be able to use his webbing to set up a network so he can pick up vibrations to detect movement. He might not be able to catch Daredevil running away while blinded, but if Daredevil stays to fight, Spider-Man’s going to tag him often enough to win.

  2. Talking to my friend about this. I don’t know much about Daredevil at all, so it’s pointless for me to have an opinion.

    He, however, believes that Spiderman would be the winner. He is, and I quote, ‘ridiculously strong’ compared to Daredevil. He also said that when you give Daredevil back his sight, all his abilities would be rendered useless. Plus, Spiderman’s spider senses would still be there, so that’s a downfall for Daredevil.

    So that’s his opinion. Maybe I can contribute to the next one >.<

  3. Hey! I have that poster. Framed!

    I’m afraid that what you have listed here would put Daredevil as the champion…unfortunately. Unless, of course you give Daredevil a handicap as you have done to Spidey.

    Perhaps a severe case of vertigo which would cause him to continually loose his balance. Spidey could then HEAR where he is and the fight is balanced once again…Spider-Man wins! 😀

    • A while after I posted it, I realized that Daredevil could easily counteract his handicap by just closing his eyes. Though if he didn’t do that, I do think that having one’s sight suddenly restored would disorient them more than you might think. I figure the winner of the battle is whoever readjusts to their situation the quickest. Thanks for stopping by!

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