Yep, it’s just a blog post folks

Yes, it’s come to this. I had a feeling it would happen sooner or later, but I figured it would end up happening later. First off, I have to mention that I still enjoy every part of this site and I’m not giving it up by a long shot. But I do have to say that I’m kind of down about it for various reasons and will be slowing down for a little bit. Instead of posting every day, I’ll be posting about every other day or so.

There are quite a few reasons why I’m feeling kind of down in regards to this site. I’m a bit of a stats junkie and I’ve noticed that readership is down by quite a bit the past several weeks, by nearly half. I know that this is a niche site and will never get the amount of views as a more traditional movie blog that covers either new releases, and/or anything and everything movies would, but when things have been growing for months, it’s not fun to see a big drop. It’s also been tougher reaching out to fan filmmakers and not getting responses back, it also doesn’t help that I didn’t get the link bump from Thomas Jane. I still think he’s an awesome guy, so I can’t knock him too much, but he said he’d drop the link on his end and that never happened. And on top of everything else, there’s the inevitable burnout that I feel I’m heading towards. I’m one person trying to handle: 3 movie reviews, 3 interviews, 1 blog post, 7 Facebook poster games (even if most are just Googled), and 1 cut-up poster game every week and a podcast every other week. I still enjoy all of it, especially the new podcast, but I’m finally realizing it’s too much to handle and consistently enjoy it. I’ll still be doing at least two movie reviews a week, but both Follow Friday and Superhero Shorts will be taking a week off. I may finally change up my weekly schedule to a bi-weekly schedule, or possibly a 5-day schedule. I’ll figure it out. Until next time (which will be Friday), this has been Bubbawheat for Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights.

About Bubbawheat

I'm a comic book movie enthusiast who has watched and reviewed over 500 superhero and comic book movies in the past seven years, my goal is to continue to find and watch and review every superhero movie ever made.

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  1. It’s understandable; that is a lot for one guy to take on. That’s one reason why I haven’t launched into “outside projects” that much when it comes to blogging.

    I hear you on the stats as well. I wonder how much of that is going to be seasonal for you — with all the superhero movies of the summer done and over with now, it might be that people aren’t going looking as much for the stuff.

    • Since this is my first year, I hadn’t thought of seasonal changes. I didn’t think it would drop down this soon. Went from averaging over 100 views a day down to barely breaking 50 most days. Except surprisingly this actual post brought on a bit of a bump.

  2. Sorry to hear the news, Bubba. I know that you got good stuff, and your certainly becoming an expert in your “field”. I’m glad I at least have our podcast and we’ll keep talking and discussing. Hope things go up or you!

    • Yeah, the podcast has been a high point lately, especially since I don’t have to do all the work. On episodes where I’m not editing, I just have to do a bit of prepping and then chit chat about movies for a couple hours. Fun stuff.

  3. You are a very active blogger, no one should fault you for cutting back a little. If you take your time and start enjoying it more then that will show up in your writing. I’m thinking everybody’s hits are suffering because of kids being back in school. Especially considering your audience probably has a lot of school agers.

  4. You’re silly for fretting over statistics. I’ve said it before and I say it again – don’t pay so much attention to it! In vain. No one listens and people keep obsessing.

    Anyway you’re wise to cut it down a bit. The pace you’ve held is ridiculous and nothing you could sustain in the long run.

    I hope – and believe – that you’ll get your blogging mojo back soon enough.

    • The good things about watching the stats is that it’s a great feeling when you see them keep going up and up. The backlash is when you run into a slow period. It’s also nice when I catch people linking to my articles – people don’t always let you know that they’re featuring your article so I only find out if it actually works in bringing people to me.

      I’ll figure out a good sustainable pace soon enough.

  5. A few things…

    1. I’m glad it’s not a permanent thing, because I’ve just started reading this place regularly and I really, really enjoy it.

    2. That really is a lot of stuff to take on each week. I have a hard enough time getting 5 articles out, so doing movie reviews, interviews, games, and a cut-up poster would demolish me. You deserve a breather from that. That’s honestly more than I could handle from a hobby.

    3. I definitely wouldn’t fret the numbers. I’m right there with you obsessing over stats, but it seems like summer is a down time (this is year #3 that it’s taken a dive in the summer months for me; I imagine it’s the same for most folks). And generally speaking, I find that it’s almost impossible to predict when things will take off and when they won’t. Today, I’ve gotten 150 page views just from some random tattoo article I wrote 2 years ago. There’s no way to predict stuff like that. Near as I can tell, it seems like simply populating your site with stuff that people enjoy is the best way to do it, because eventually good content will be found.

    4. Even with a break (which you clearly deserve), understand that your work is appreciated. I don’t say that lightly.

    • I’m definitely not going anywhere, I’m not giving up on my goal of reviewing every superhero movie out there that I can find. It’s a tall order, but I’m up to it. It’s just the extra stuff I need to slow down on a bit.

  6. I know what you mean, my site took a massive dip in views when i went on holiday for a week but they are bouncing back a bit now. I started by doing posts everyday but found it rather taxing so i only post mondays, wednesdays and fridays nowadays 😀

  7. Stats in this day and age don’t mean nearly as much as they used to. I honestly wouldn’t worry about them. Sure it’s a bit disheartening to see numbers drop, I’ve seen it happen in my own blogs over the years. Summer’s never a good season – everyone’s outdoors enjoying the weather.

    It’s more important that you have a set of visitors who do keep coming back and you keep writing.

    I know that it’s easier to have a schedule for blog posts, but maybe, if you want to change it up, lose the schedule. Keep some regular features, but just write when you feel like you want to and have something to say. Sticking to a schedule can be tough. Forcing yourself to write. That makes it feel like blogging’s more work than it ought to be.

    • The weird thing is that July was my biggest month so far, it’s been August where the views have dropped off. As for losing the schedule? It’s that little hint of OCD where it just bugs me if I don’t keep things in a nice, neat, order.

  8. I agree with everyone else Bubba. After having my best month ever my stats have dropped back to Earth this month. Just keep posting as you feel and eventually you’ll get that inspiration again. Don’t burn yourself out. Your site is awesome.

    Hopefully you’ll keep the poster cut-up going because I enjoy that one to no end. Thank man.

    • Oh, the Lamb Chop-Ups aren’t going anywhere, It’s pretty easy to do and I absolutely love seeing people slowly figure them out. Especially when people get certain ones wrong.

  9. Oh no, I hope you don’t give up man. I have just recently discovered your blog and I’ve really enjoyed reading your stuff. Like Jaina said, don’t pay attention to stats, I feel like Summer is kind of a slow month for blogs as people are out and about. Keeping up with daily posts, especially when you’ve got big stuff like interviews which are quite time consuming to do can be taxing. I think your plan to just do it every other day is good, please keep going man, but remember to do it because you love it 🙂

    • As much as I love the interviews, it really is a lot of work. Not only that, but most of the work is invisible to the readers. From someone on the outside, it looks like the person I’m interviewing is doing all the work, but there’s all the research to figure out the most appropriate questions to ask, and in some cases even trying to get in contact with the person in the first place. But in the end, I really do love it and would have a hard time giving it up.

  10. sanclementejedi

    Peaks and Valleys my friend just stick with it. Adjust your schedule as necessary. Everyone needs to recharge the batteries and blogging can be a real slog at times. You run a good site, thats much more important than hits and visits, keep up the good work.

    • I think it was a combination of “I like this feature, and I like this one too, and daily posts = more everything, right?” Now I’m realizing that a slower pace shouldn’t affect traffic much, and will keep me from burning out in a few months.

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