FTMN Poll: What superhero/comic book movie are you looking forward to in 2013?

I’ve looked back at this past year, now it’s time to look to the future. As of my cursory search through IMDB, these are the comic book and superhero movies I found that are coming out so far in 2013. Which one are you looking forward to the most. Myself, I’m looking forward to Man of Steel. I’m not the biggest Superman fan in general, but I’m very curious if they can finally pull it off, which they haven’t really done since the first one.


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  1. I guess I’d have to say Thor 2, since I liked the first one quite a bit. Iron Man 3 is probably next, though the second had some issues.

    Man of Steel… I don’t know. I really haven’t liked the trailers. I hope they pull it off, but I have such low expectations from Snyder that I just don’t know.

    • The trailers feel more like teasers, there are two things that intrigue me based on the marketing material so far. Superman in handcuffs – having him face US law is a good shot at an interesting story, and the line by Jonathan Kent where he says “maybe”. The questions of morality are often the most interesting where Superman is concerned. As long as there’s some good action scenes in there too.

      Thor 2 sounds like a good option as well. Though the more I hear about Iron Man 3, the more I question it.

      • The questions of morality are interesting but — and I suppose this is the comic book geek in me being a bit of a purist — that line from Pa Kent bugged me. Pa’s where Superman got his clear sense of morals from; it’s even been stated a few times that when he’s in doubt, he asks himself what Pa would do. Pa Kent would never say that Clark’s secret is more important than somebody’s life. So that concerns me just a touch, because if they play with that, what else are they playing with?

  2. I voted Thor 2 because of how much I enjoyed Thor, and his character in Avengers, but I’m really interested to see how Man of Steel plays out. I’ll probably review my way through all the Superman films leading up to it, so I’m also looking forward to that!

    In any case, it looks to be a great new year of superhero flicks! Happy new year, Bubba!

    • That sounds like fun, I know I enjoyed it when I kicked off this blog with them last year. You going to toss in any animated ones too? It does look like another great year for superhero flicks. Happy new year to you too!

      • Naw, I was just planning on the live-action stuff. There’s something about the modern animated stuff that just does nothing for me. That being said, I love that they’re making them.

  3. Went for Thor 2. Adored Thor – thought it looked visually stunning and the casting was perfect. Really helped make The Avengers a good, solid grounding. Hoping that without Kenneth Brannagh it won’t suffer too much.

    Was going to vote for Iron Man 3, but Ben Kingsley is really putting me off!

    • I’m a little surprised Thor 2 is getting so much love. While it only narrowly missed my top 10, I got the feeling it was lesser liked by most people.

      And I totally agree about the Mandarin.

  4. Thor2 is on the top of my list. I’m also hopeful about the new Superman.

  5. I can’t decide. At least half of that list looks good as there are a lot of sequels to films I had a lot of fun with. I might have to go with Dark Knight Returns simply because I love animation, I love Batman, and I love the DKR comic.

  6. Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, Thor 2 😀

  7. I voted for The Dark Knight Returns part 2. Just finished Part 1 and really liked the idea behind it.

    • Dark Knight Returns is doing a lot better than I thought, in a three way tie for 2nd and only losing to Thor 2 by 1 vote. Maybe it’s because it’s the first one out the gate.

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