It’s Time to Rewind: Week 12 & Finale

Groundhog Day After Day After Day: Week 12 & Finale

I’ve spent 12 weeks breaking down Groundhog Day loop by loop for 38 episodes, plus a couple weeks of pre-production before I even started releasing episodes. And now we’re finished. Done. Finito. I’m already well into working on season 2 as well as a few bonus episodes in the meantime. I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey and will continue on into the Twilight Zone and beyond!

Episode 34 guest Nolahn and I discuss Phil’s thirty-fourth Groundhog Day that starts at 81 minutes and 06 seconds with Phil giving the homeless man a warm meal at the diner and ends at 82 minutes with Phil in an alley having failed to revive the man with CPR.

Episode 35 guest Jay Cluitt from Deep Blue Sea the Podcast and I discuss Phil’s thirty-fifth Groundhog Day that starts at 82 minutes with Phil giving a thoughtful and engaging Groundhog’s Day report and ends at 84 minutes and 48 seconds with Phil walking off with Rita in the snow.

Episode 36 guest Josh aka MagnaCarta80 and I discuss Phil’s first February 3rd that starts at 94 minutes and 48 seconds with Phil wakes up to I’ve Got You Babe on the radio before Rita’s hand comes from off screen and she tells him it’s too early and ends… well it ends at the end of the movie.

Season 1 Finale guest Dylan and I discuss the first season of It’s Time to Rewind: Groundhog Day After Day After Day. We go through statistics, how long the guests thought Phil Connors spent in Groundhog Day. How often things actually repeated, and what’s coming up in season 2 of It’s Time to Rewind.


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