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Graphic Horror: Born Dark Comic Kickstarter

Born Dark Issue: 0 Kickstarter

We’re just in the beginning of this Graphic Novel Horror Blogathon, but it’s not just about horror movies that are or should be graphic novels, it’s also about graphic novels that could become movies. And there’s a brand new one looking for funding for their issue #0 which will propel them into a full fledged series. It’s doing quite well at the moment, but still has a ways to go. It’s called a “dark fantasy” but it also delves into some horror elements. And I’m not just trying to convince others to back this project, I’m excited enough about it that I have backed it myself. And to help tell you more about this comic, I asked a few questions of the writer, Lela Gwenn. Click here to visit the Kickstarter page, or click any of the images to go there as well.
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Filmwhys Raw #3

Welcome to another episode of Filmwhys Raw, the show between regular episodes of Filmwhys where I talk to a guest or two about a movie related topic for a little while. This time around there were some technical difficulties and I lost one of the participants and had to edit around it. The guest I lost was Pat McDonnell from 100 Years of Movies, but I was able to save my discussion with Matt Kubinski from CinemaJaw where we talked about graphic novels and movies adapted from them. Click here to Listen and I’ll be back next week with a regular episode, until next time this has been Bubbawheat from Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights.

Ghost World

Ghost World 2001

Once again I’m back with another non-superhero graphic novel adaptation, and another one where I knew next to nothing about this movie going into it aside from an early appearance by Scarlett Johansson, and when it popped up, I also remembered seeing a pic of this movie with Thora Birch wearing the Catwoman mask. It’s a little hard to describe this movie, it’s not really a coming of age story even though it mainly follows the life of one girl in an important transition in her life. It’s not really a romance movie even though there are some relationships throughout. It’s not really a comedy even though there are some laughs scattered through the movie. It’s not even what I like to call a slice of life movie as it is a bit deeper than that. One thing I can say about this movie is that it is quite thought provoking and full of relatable characters and typical situations, but with enough of a twist so that they are still worthy of being a cinematic creation. It has really stuck with me in a way that’s hard to describe, but that’s what I’m here to try and do.
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A History of Violence

A History of Violence 2005

Slowly but surely I’m progressing through some non-superhero comic book adaptations this month. This is one area of movies that I cover for this site where I’m extremely unfamiliar with the movies. Before I started reviewing movies for this site, I had already seen dozens of superhero movies which I’ve been re-watching to review, but movies in this category are much fewer and further between. So when I picked A History of Violence to watch the other night, it was honestly based solely on the runtime, being about half an hour shorter than the other options I was considering. I knew absolutely nothing about this movie other than the title, the fact that it starred Viggo Mortenson, and it was based on a graphic novel. What I ended up watching was a very compelling story about a man trying to live a simple life only to have his dark past come back to haunt him, causing him to find a way to free himself of that past once and for all. This movie really surprised me in a lot of great ways, and I was never entirely sure of what direction it was going to take until the credits finally rolled. Movies like this are why I so greatly enjoy writing for this site.
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Graphic (Novel) Horror Blogathon

Graphic (Novel) Horror Blogathon

March is upon us and the Graphic Horror blogathon is on! I’m happy with the amount of participation in my last blogathon, the Comic Strip Double Dip, but this time around I wanted to do something a little less strictly associated with superheroes. Instead, I was thinking about how so many blogs out there spend October looking at horror movies and largely ignore horror for the other 11 months. So I wanted to do my part to promote horror movies on the other side of the calendar as Halloween, like in March. But of course, my site being my site and all I still have to have some sort of superhero or comic book connection when I started thinking about all the horror comics out there, like the classic Tales From the Crypt and various other EC Comics, 30 Days of Night, and the Walking Dead. There’s a few others, but I also started thinking about horror movies and thriller movies that would make great graphic novels, like the Cell, or Nightmare on Elm Street (which actually did become a comic book). So I’d like to hear from you and what horror movie you think is well suited to be a graphic novel, or even vice versa.
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The Crow: City of Angels

The Crow: City of Angels 1996

I’ve been wanting to get to these movies for a while now, even though out of the four of them, there’s only one that I’ve seen and that same one is the only one that’s considered good. For that reason, I wanted to save it until the end, but I also wanted to be able to publish it on Devil’s Night, since the movie takes place around that day. After watching this movie, it really makes me want to skip straight to the original. This is a pale copy that pretends to be a sequel while at the same time apes nearly everything that made the original good, with only a handful of switcheroos here and there. Everything from the effects, to the stunts, even the soundtrack is not nearly as well done or entertaining. And since it’s been so long since I’ve watched the original, I spent most of the time being reminded of moments from the Brandon Lee version that were done immensely better. It has a few interesting moments here and there, but for the most part it tries to be like the original, but really misses the mark.
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Persepolis 2007

While I still have plenty of straight up superhero movies to go, I thought it was a good idea to branch out into non-superhero movies based on graphic novels. And of course, this black and white, animated tale of the life of an Iranian woman living through a revolution and a war, dealing with prejudice at home and in France, was originally a graphic novel by the same name. Even though it’s in black and white, the animation is visually striking, not only that, but the story itself is very engaging. Not only does Marjan suffer through a lot of strife, but she also has plenty of moments of joy and is always surrounded by people who care about her. It’s a really great movie and well worth your time to watch.
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