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33 of the Worst Superhero Movies Ever Made

Now I’m not usually one to make lists for the sake of making lists. I like reading them, I find nothing wrong with them, but I just don’t want this to become something that I do a lot. So I didn’t… kinda. How this list came about is from a forum draft on a forum I’m on called Unleashed, which is a forum of mostly current and previous City of Heroes players. When I say forum draft, I’m sure there’s many people reading this that have no idea what I’m talking about. Well a forum draft is just a type of forum game, just a way to pass the time and see what other people on the forums think about different topics. Basically someone on the forum picks a topic, several people join in the draft and make their choices based around that topic. Then everyone on the forum votes for the best choice in championship style matches. So I started a draft for the worst superhero movie of all time, which is where I got this list. 11 people joined in the draft and each person chose three movies that they thought were the worst superhero movie ever, and I present them to you here in no particular order.

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