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The Worst Movies of 2014

It’s getting close to that time of year once again. The time of year when the bulk of the “best of” and “favorites” of the year come out, but it’s also often time for film writers to take a look at the other side of cinema, the “Worst of” the year. And if you clicked on this link looking for the films that I thought were the worst of the year, then go ahead and click somewhere else because I’m not here today to spend any more of my time talking about film that I didn’t like. Instead, I much prefer to celebrate the films that I did enjoy for one reason or another. I have indulged in calling out some of the worst superhero films, but I’ve also talked about the “best worst” superhero films, the ones that are bad but I still enjoy watching them. Instead, what I’d like to do is to reach out to the other film writers that read this site and encourage them to drop the “worst” lists this year, and instead only celebrate what’s enjoyable to watch.
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33 of the Worst Superhero Movies Ever Made

Now I’m not usually one to make lists for the sake of making lists. I like reading them, I find nothing wrong with them, but I just don’t want this to become something that I do a lot. So I didn’t… kinda. How this list came about is from a forum draft on a forum I’m on called Unleashed, which is a forum of mostly current and previous City of Heroes players. When I say forum draft, I’m sure there’s many people reading this that have no idea what I’m talking about. Well a forum draft is just a type of forum game, just a way to pass the time and see what other people on the forums think about different topics. Basically someone on the forum picks a topic, several people join in the draft and make their choices based around that topic. Then everyone on the forum votes for the best choice in championship style matches. So I started a draft for the worst superhero movie of all time, which is where I got this list. 11 people joined in the draft and each person chose three movies that they thought were the worst superhero movie ever, and I present them to you here in no particular order.

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