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Why I Don’t Rate Movies

First off, the title of this post is a little bit of a lie. I am on Letterboxd where I keep track of all the movies that I watch, both superhero and non-superhero, and on that site I do rate them on their scale of 5 stars, including half stars. But for the reviews that I write for this site, I don’t include any ratings on any sort of scale. It’s up to the reader to determine what I thought about the movie based on the words rather than a bite-sized bit of info at the beginning or the end of the review. There are quite a few reasons why I do this actually, and it’s not just to try and force people to actually read the review rather than just looking at the rating to see what I thought of a particular film.
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Lousy SMarch Weather

I spent a lot of today trying to come up with another good topic. I felt like I had a pretty good streak going for these blog posts discussing black superheroes, women superheroes, and what makes a superhero in general. But I didn’t end up coming up with something that I was excited about and kinda ended up being defeated more than once this month. First by not watching Ghost Rider in a timely manner and instead watching the Blade TV pilot, and second by not coming up with a good blog topic and instead just writing a general update. But fear not, I have managed to fit Ghost Rider into my schedule and it will be Thursday’s review. I’m sure all both of you out there were sweating it. Also, I’m nearly one quarter into my original goal of 100 movies reviewed this year. Tuesday’s review was number 24.

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