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Superhero Shorts: Batman Dead End

This week I’ll be looking at my first dramatic Superhero Short as suggested by Ryan McNeely over at 5 Word Movie Reviews on my first edition of this series. Batman: Dead End is one of the most recognized superhero fan films, getting praise from the likes of filmmaker Kevin Smith and comic book artist Alex Ross. It was a labor of love from special effects artist turned director Sandy Collora whose goal was to create a Batman film that captured the look of the comic books as closely as possible. But enough of a backstory, let’s take a look at the film. You can view it at Sandy Collora’s website Collora Studios or watch it embedded below.

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Superhero Shorts: Wolverine’s Claws Suck

I was very happy with the first article in this Superhero Shorts series and I will definitely be continuing this series every Saturday. I’ve also gotten some good responses from filmmakers talking about their short films. This week I take a look at another comedy video by the YouTube filmmakers Greg and Lou. Wolverine’s Claws Suck is their only superhero themed comedy video made in 2009 with over 2 million views on YouTube. Lou from Greg and Lou graciously answered a few of my questions about their video, but first let’s take a look at it.

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Superhero Shorts: Babble-On Begins

Welcome to the first in a series where I take a closer look at what is often the unsung heroes of the superhero genre, the short film makers. In the world of YouTube and affordable, portable, high-quality cameras, it’s extremely easy to make a short film, and put it out there for everyone to see. And yet it’s become that much more difficult to get yours noticed due to the sheer volume of work out there. In this series I’ll be taking a look at the popular ones, the good ones, and maybe even some that you’ve never seen. Most of them will be parodies or comedies because it’s easier to pull off a joke on a low budget and still get a laugh than to pull off something serious on a low budget and not get a laugh. Today I’ll be looking at a video that just came out this past week. It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an origin story, but it does feature a couple superheroes. Babble-On Begins, Episode 1 which you can watch right below.

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