Superhero Podcast Review: Superheroes, Movies, and Superhero Movies

I’m back with another edition of my Superhero Podcast Review series where I take a listen to a superhero-centric podcast, or at least a few episodes of it, break down their format, share my thoughts, and hopefully introduce them to at least one new listener. My final verdict comes down to three choices: Subscribe, Unsubscribe, or Selected Episodes which would be somewhere inbetween. If you host or listen to another podcast that focuses on superhero movies, or even superheroes in general, make sure you send them my way so I can share them on a future edition. You can reach me by leaving a comment, talking to me on Twitter @Bubbawheat or sending me an e-mail at Enough talk, let’s get to today’s podcast.

Superheroes, Movies, and Superhero Movies

Cinema Heroes stats

The Basics

Episode count (as of 7-23-16): 52
Episodes listened to: 6
Release schedule: somewhat random, roughly 1-2 a month
Episode Length: 1:00 – 1:30, typically very close to 1:00
Audio Quality: Clear
Language rating: PG
Spoilers: Yes
Production format: A single discussion between the two co-hosts about a single movie that is often a superhero movie, but as their title states they also cover just regular movies. Though they have yet to have an episode that’s only about superheroes.

The Format

The two hosts John Pelzel and Justin Speck choose a movie for each episode and spend however long they need to discussing it, though most episodes come in pretty close to an hour. Generally the entire discussion revolves around the specific movie at hand, with the occasional tangents and their backgrounds with the movie. And as their name suggests, they don’t only cover superhero movies, but that is currently the majority of their output. The other movies they cover tend to be very similar in scope to superhero movies as they’re typically action blockbusters like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, or Independence Day. The two hosts have a nice chemistry with each other and tend to treat the movies like two regular guys would, without getting too in depth with critical analysis and form breakdowns, just their opinions along with some light background information about the film.

Comics vs. Movies

More than any other podcast I’ve shared in these reviews, the conversation almost completely sticks to the movie itself rather than any discussion of the comics. It’s possible that occasional comics talk creeps up, but not that I remember in the episodes that I listened to. And obviously, when talking about a movie that doesn’t have a comic book to tie into, there would be no way to discuss the non-existent comic that it wasn’t based on.

The Verdict

This is honestly pretty close to the ideal podcast that I’m looking for. The only thing that I would have liked to have heard more from it would be for them to cover a few of the more obscure superhero movies out there instead of just the standards. But it’s a good discussion between two friends. They cover a lot of information even though they don’t get too critical nor do they make a lot of jokes. It’s a very casual and friendly discussion and it’s nice to hear their perspectives on the movies that they decide to cover.

Superheroes, Movies, and Superhero Movies Subscribed


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