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A Big Thanks, and Upcoming Lamb News

I’ve got to start out by saying a great big thank you to all of my readers and Lamb members. As most of you know, or could have figured out by the large poster that was hanging out in the sidebar for a while, the Large Association of Movie Blogs aka Lamb has been holding their yearly awards. And from over 1,200 members, and probably well over a hundred genre blogs, I made it through to the nominations stage to be eligible for the best Sci-Fi or Horror blog. I really appreciate the votes of confidence and while I think it’ll be a tough challenge to nab the top spot, it feels really good to make it this far. Voting starts this weekend, be sure to keep an eye out and keep me in mind. Now, I was going to make a blog post about the parallels of mutant discrimination in the movies and how it can relate to almost any minority group, I’m in too good a mood for such a heavy subject. Instead, I’m moving that topic into my review for X-Men: The Last Stand, which is where it has the most relevance anyway. Then, I was going to compare the different actors that played the same mutants across different movies, but it turned into mostly First Class vs. the X-Men trilogy, and then it became late so instead I’ll just be writing a short post.

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