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Lambcast MOTM: Night of the Comet


While I’m no longer a regular member of a podcast, I did get a chance to take part once again in the LAMBcast over at the Large Association of Movie Blogs. Every month several members pick a movie and they all go into a poll on the LAMB site, the winner becomes the Movie of the Month and hosts that section of the weekly LAMB podcast. While my choice of Watchmen didn’t make the cut, I had still signed up for the episode. The winner was a fun 80’s movie called Night of the Comet picked by Kristen of Journeys in Classic Film. So head over to The Lambcast Facebook Page to listen to my full thoughts on the movie. Also, I’m championing a new movie for this month’s MOTM, so be sure to head over to the LAMB site and vote for Chronicle in the poll in the sidebar.


Follow Friday: Radiator Heaven

Welcome to another edition of Follow Friday where each week I feature and interview a fellow blogger and follow their suggestion to another blog to feature next week. I prefer this over a blogroll because it gives each blog their own time to shine, plus I personally rarely click on blogrolls so why would I expect you to? Not only that, but I get the chance to check out some great blogs I might not have found otherwise found, talk to some great people, and share the conversation with you. So this week I was directed by Brent Allard over at Criminal Movies to check out JD’s site Radiator Heaven.

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Darkman 1990

So I mentioned The LAMB in an earlier post and one thing that I find pretty neat is that they have featured topics that they will collect blog posts about and then list them all together. For a niche site like this one, it’s been hard to find one that I can participate in, but finally one came along that fits right in. Sam Raimi, LAMBs in the Director’s Chair which gets posted at the end of this month. He’s the man behind the Tobey Maguire Spiderman movies which would have been my first instinct. But there is a new Spiderman movie coming out this year and I thought I would wait to re-watch those movies until shortly before the new one to prep myself. But they aren’t the only superhero movies that he’s responsible for, there’s one other one that he not only directed, but also wrote: Darkman. I had never seen the movie before so I thought it would be a perfect fit, I’d heard good things about it, and I like most of what Sam Raimi’s been involved in, so I was in.

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Kid friendly superheroes, LAMB talk, and other ramblings

It’s Tuesday, so it’s blog time. I’d like to get a little plug out of the way first. I started this blog because I enjoy writing, I enjoy movies, and I wanted to do something a little more different than just an average movie review blog, so I picked comic books and superheroes as a specific genre that’s become a lot more popular, yet doesn’t seem to garner as much attention from movie bloggers from what I can tell. As someone who’s never really blogged before, or even read that many movie reviews before, I kinda dove headfirst into the blogging community to see what else is out there, and to make my name known in the process. One of the things I found is a community of movie reviewers called the LAMB, which stands for Large Association of Movie Blogs. It’s a really great community for movie blogs with a ton of members and I will hopefully soon be one of them. So if you’re interested in reading or writing movie blogs, click the link on my sidebar which I did tweak a little bit to fit this site better and check them out. I’ll be doing my first review inspired by one of their features next week. They are featuring Sam Raimi the director, so I’ll be watching his first superhero movie on my list, Darkman, since I’d prefer to watch his Spiderman movies a bit closer to the release of the new Spiderman movie.

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