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Super Capers

Super Capers 2009

Another month has come and gone and after going through last month watching fewer horror movies than I had hoped, I’m moving on to yet another themed month. For the month of April, I decided that I want to get some of the bad movies out of the way, specifically many of the awful looking superhero movies geared towards kids, some that I grew up with and others that I’ve never seen and never really wanted to see. To kick things off, I decided to watch this parody kids movie from 2009 called Super Capers and starring the perennial teen star who would go on to do nothing of note and this was actually one of the last few movies that he worked on before disappearing off the Hollywood planet. The film itself is actually more like a superhero parody film along the lines of Superhero Movie. It has a handful of good jokes, but it’s underscored by way too many cartoonish sound effects that hamper the humor rather than enhance it. And while it has an interesting cast, the actual characters are generally one dimensional punchlines and those punchlines aren’t all that great. It was a bit better than I was expecting it to be, but it’s still a far cry from a good movie.
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Kid friendly superheroes, LAMB talk, and other ramblings

It’s Tuesday, so it’s blog time. I’d like to get a little plug out of the way first. I started this blog because I enjoy writing, I enjoy movies, and I wanted to do something a little more different than just an average movie review blog, so I picked comic books and superheroes as a specific genre that’s become a lot more popular, yet doesn’t seem to garner as much attention from movie bloggers from what I can tell. As someone who’s never really blogged before, or even read that many movie reviews before, I kinda dove headfirst into the blogging community to see what else is out there, and to make my name known in the process. One of the things I found is a community of movie reviewers called the LAMB, which stands for Large Association of Movie Blogs. It’s a really great community for movie blogs with a ton of members and I will hopefully soon be one of them. So if you’re interested in reading or writing movie blogs, click the link on my sidebar which I did tweak a little bit to fit this site better and check them out. I’ll be doing my first review inspired by one of their features next week. They are featuring Sam Raimi the director, so I’ll be watching his first superhero movie on my list, Darkman, since I’d prefer to watch his Spiderman movies a bit closer to the release of the new Spiderman movie.

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