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Zashchitniki aka Guardians 2017

This is only the second Russian superhero movie that I’ve reviewed here on this site after the bizarrely mediocre flying car Spider-Man rip off that has nothing to do with the current CW show Black Lightning. I remember seeing the previews for it a while back and the visuals looked kind of insane. Now that I’ve finally seen it, I still think the overall visuals look great, but it really suffered from a lack of interesting characters or an interesting plot. It’s a really generic government created superpowered experiments that goes wrong and creates a supervillain intent on ruling the world. It’s a weird mix of X-Men’s Weapon X program but it’s just not interesting once you look past the special effects.

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Black Lightning

Black Lightning 2009

While I’m in the middle of my own blogathon this month, I also wanted to have the chance to take part in another blogathon. Over at Movie Sielently Fritzi is doing a Russia in Classic Film blogathon. And while I’m not covering a classic Russian superhero movie since I’m pretty sure there aren’t any, she has expanded the focus of the blogathon to cover not just classic films about Russia or made in Russia, but also any films from Russia from any era. And lucky for me, there just so happens to be a single Russian superhero movie that combines the stories of Spider-Man, Iron Man, and even a little bit of Knight Rider for good measure to create the origin of Black Lightning. While it does manage to have some fun with itself here and there, it unfortunately ends up being much less than the sum of its parts, picking and choosing some of the most obvious bits from well known superhero origin stories and forcing it into one of the most ridiculous superpowers of having a flying car.
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