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Visiting War Machine vs. War Horse & Mark Millar Adaptations

Things have been a little bit slower than usual around here, mostly due to my work at Channel: Superhero, but I’m still watching quite a few movies and I luckily got the chance to appear on a great podcast called War Machine vs. War Horse which covers a new release and also takes a look at two older films that share some common theme from the new movie and they decide which one of the two older films handles that theme better. For my appearance, we discussed three different Mark Millar comic book adaptations: the new release Kingsman: The Secret Service, and the two earlier films Kick-Ass and Wanted. We also get sidetracked discussing the Roger Corman Bond films, yes I said Corman. It was a lot of fun, both revisiting the movies as well as discussing them. Make sure you give it a listen by clicking right here! or on their logo below.
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Graphic Horror Guest Post: Revival

When I put the call out for this blogathon, I was hoping for both people looking at horror movies that could become graphic novels as well as horror comics that could make the transition into becoming a movie. And Vic over at Vic’s Movie Den answered the call. But of course, since it’s Vic’s Movie Den and not Vic’s Comic Book Den, I offered to post his look at the horror comic “Revival”. So without further ado, I shall leave the rest of this post to Vic!

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Second Opinion: Lego Batman the Movie – DC Superheroes Unite

For a little while, I’ve actually wanted to allow other people to share their opinions about superhero movies more than just in the comments section. And while I’d rather not post someone’s opinion on a movie that I haven’t seen or reviewed yet because I am still adamant in my quest to watch and review every superhero movie I can find, I thought it would be interesting to get someone else’s opinion on a movie that I’ve already reviewed. I’m sure sometimes it will be quite different, and in some cases it will be very similar. If you’re interested in sharing your opinion on a superhero movie, just let me know, especially if your opinion differs from my own. But today’s opinion comes from someone with similar tastes as me, and I often use him as a good estimation of whether or not I will like a movie more than just the general critic consensus and he’s got plenty of reviews under his belt over at Today I Watched A Movie.
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Guest blogger: Is Spock a Superhero?

Welcome to the first guest post here at Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights. When I started this site, it was my idea to have it be a personal challenge to seek out, watch, and review superhero movies. And my overall goal was, and still is, to watch and review every superhero movie ever made. But this site has been growing and expanding as I keep getting new ideas and inspirations. I’m now on a daily schedule, and to help me meet that schedule, I could use a little bit of help. The first person that stepped in was Alan from The Great Movie Project. If you’d like to participate too, I’m accepting any “almost super” movie reviews for sci-fi/fantasy movies that aren’t quite superhero movies, but still have that heroic/comic book quality to them. I’m also accepting “second opinion” reviews, if you have a different viewpoint on a superhero movie that I’ve already reviewed. And finally, I’m accepting blog style articles like this one that takes a more general look at the superhero genre without being about one single movie. Today, Alan is looking at how Star Trek, and more specifically Spock relates to superheroes in cinema. And I’ll be back tomorrow (hopefully) finishing up my bad movie mini-marathon with Superhero Movie.

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